October 6 / 2008

There’s always a time and place for everything and now is the time.  Lots of bittersweet news, sometimes some good things must come to an end.  After four years, I have made the decision to leave the band DD Swank.  It was fun getting the bookings to do gigs, meeting new people and gaining a fan base.  However, I now leave the band in the able hands of Doc Maestro (aka Yves Jacquier).  I wish them well in the pursuit of DD Swank. For those of you who are curious, this is an amicable separation. I had to leave to pursue my projects.  The Blues kept tugging at me and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  With that said, I am currently working on an album. I’m backed with some veteran musicians: Alan Springer, Peter Grant, Chaz Butcher, Dan Legault, Naveen Uttamchandani and Jesse Nance.  Let me tell you about Jesse Nance, he’s 61 years old and has worked with some of the music industry’s names including Percy Sledge, Carol Franklin (Aretha Franklin’s sister), Billy Cox (Jimmy Hendrix’s last bass player), Jerry Mercer (April Wine) and quite a few more names that made my mouth drop.  What an honor to have that old man play trumpet for me.  I’ve posted some teasers online. I invite you to go see the Voice section on my site or visit MySpace or Reverbnation).  Let me know what you think.