Released August 1, 2018:  After a four-year silence, Carolyn Fe is back and stronger than ever with her 4th album SUGAT KO (pronounced “sue-gat go”, My Wound - translated from her native tongue, Tagalog (Philippines). A 10-song album where Carolyn Fe drops her Sari to reveal her truest self. The album ventures into new blues territory with masterful twists on traditional rhythms and lyrics - both kick-ass and poignant and original.  Modern and relative to the current world climate, but at once classic with traditional, this is definitely not your Grandma’s blues.

1st Official Video, click  to see >> Jerusalem's Thorns
2019 Award winner: Best Video Clip at the Fête du Clip, Montreal. The video is a co-production of Productions Carolyn Fe Inc. and Littoral Films.
Stay tuned, more videos from Sugat Ko are in production.

Sugat Ko charts
Best of 2018 by Toronto Blues Society's John Valenteyn
Top 10 Albums of 2018 Main Street Blues, KCOR,, Kansas City, USA
Sugat Ko charts #2 at CBFX FM "The X" Blues in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of December 2018!
Sugat Ko charts #10 at CBFX FM "The X" overall musical styles in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of December 2018!
Sugat Ko charts #13 at CBFX FM "The X" overall musical styles in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of November 2018!
Sugat Ko charts #8 at CBFX FM "The X" in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of November 2018!
Sugat Ko charts #8 at CBFX FM "The X" in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of October 2018!
Sugat Ko charts #4 at CFUV FM in Victoria, British Columbia for the week of September 11, 2018!
Sugat Ko charts #3 in Windsor, Ontario's CJAM 99.1FM for the week of July 31, 2018!
Top 20 CKCU 93.1 Ottawa, Ontario for the week of July 30 to Augut 5, 2018
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Released: 2014. The follow up album to their award winning “Original Sin” features a Pan-Asian collaboration with Shun Kikuta on the title track, BAD TABOO. Mr. Kikuta formerly the guitar player for Queen of the Blues, Ms. Koko Taylor and dubbed “The Asian BB King” by BB King himself, left Chicago and now resides in Asia. Quebec's own Guy Bélanger adds his touch to two songs, “Life's Just That Good” and “Whole Lotsa Trouble”.

BAD TABOO Awards, Nominations and Chart Placement:
2015 Nominated for Best Blues & Associated Styles Album, Le Lys Blues (Quebec, Canada)
2014 Juno nominated for Blues Album (Canada)
2014 Blues 411's Jimi Award for International Release of the Year (USA)
#8 on The Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums of 2014 (NL & Labrador, Canada)
#4 on CFBX 92.5FM Kamloops, BC, Canada (Nov 2014)
#1 on Blues 411, USA (Oct 2014)
Top 30 on Blues Broadcasters, UK (Aug 2014)

If you are finding your Blues all sounding the same, turn the page – look at, and listen to Carolyn Fe Blues Collective as they keep pushing the envelope of the Blues, breaking your Blues boundaries and knowing that Carolyn Fe Blues Collective will always deliver something old, something new, nothing borrowed but the Blues.

Shun Kikuta plays with a Moon Guitar on Bad Taboo,
Guy Bélanger appears courtesy of Disques Bros Records on Life's Just That Good and Whole Lotsa Trouble.  Guest Artists : Kevin Hughs on Not Anymore, Jason Luc Murphy on Bad Thing, Carol Shumph on Bad Taboo and Watching You.  Recording & Mixing by Danny Legault

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“The heat of my touch brings fire to your skin, a sip of your gin brings me back to the Original Sin.”
- Lyrics from the title track, written by Carolyn Fe

Released: 2011. This album is the 2012 Award recipient for Best Blues & Associated Styles Album of the Year by Lys Blues (Quebec, Canada) + 2012 Nominee for Best Female Artist by Lys Blues (Quebec , Canada),  #7 on The Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums of 2012 (NL & Labrador, Canada) and 2011 Nominee for Best International Release by Blues 411 (USA) for their 2nd album «Original Sin», Carolyn Fe Blues Collective offers up the Blues in all its shades, full band or acoustic duo/trio setup. Carolyn Fe Blues Collective has the unique ability to serve it's audiences with highly charged emotions – Bringing old elements of the blues along with a newer eclectic mix of various musical styles, Carolyn Fe Blues Collective is not your everyday 'Blues Band'. This indie blues band is raw, real and with captivating energy, the audience is immediately drawn into a live show of the unbridled enthusiasm as the band exudes their love of playing. According to Cashbox Canada Magazine, this band is "evolutionary with its blues fingerprint".

This album finds Carolyn Fe in her true element as she performs original material that depict the darker shade of the Blues from “Broken String” to “Rant” all the way to the title track, “Original Sin”. This album marks a homecoming for Carolyn Fe and the members of the band. Check out the Youtube link and take a peek at a few days in the life of the band at work in the studio:

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Released: 2009. Carolyn Fe's debut EP, Blues played in its different shades with phrasing that evokes the hard-core, in-your-face strength of a woman scorned or the dreamy allure of hot ‘n steamy summer nights to true loves promise of forever.

With influences as diverse as Tom Waits, Patsy Cline and Blind Lemon, it is no surprise that Carolyn Fe’s singing style reflects a wide range of genres, all of which she effortlessly slides into, seamlessly morphing from the sweet, purity of a Holly Cole to the raunchy rock ’n roll edge of Tina Turner. Her acting experience gives her the unique ability to infuse lyrics with highly charged emotions – from extreme loss and love-gone-bad to light-hearted French cabaret or the languid sexiness of Brazilian bossa nova, shifting roles as easily as a quick change in the wings. Likely a left-over from her days as a hoofer, Carolyn Fe truly marches to her own beat, with percussion taking the lead in her unconventional treatment of music, able to transform a gospel into steamy jazz or fusing native and blues rhythms.

Having spent most of the DD Swank days covering an eclectic array of songwriters, stretching her versatility to the max, Carolyn Fe, as the solo artist, will be producing only original material with phrasing that at once evokes Janis Joplin begging for love, the hard-core, in-your-face strength of Jann Arden or the dreamy allure of Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins. Backed by veteran musicians who’ve played with the likes of Percy Sledge, Freddie James and Carol Franklin (Aretha’s sister), she is a highly versatile, well-rounded performer.

Carolyn possesses the deep soul of an artist who has lived on the fringe for most of her life, and made the most of it as the true innovator she is, giving her music and lyrics an insight and depth that cannot be imitated and must be heard.

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