...and of course, The Fans

“ Great presence, amazing voice, chemistry onstage...Think of a Canadian version of Sharon Jones" - Alan Nabi (Ottawa)

“I remember first time i heard your song BAD TABOO-i was driving my car and Danny Marks put it on his BLUES RADIO on JAZZ FM TORONTO-i was shocked in a good way just almost get off of the highway(thanks for a GREAT music)" - Alex Finakov (Toronto)

It's been a really long time since I've listened to Black Cat Alley and let me tell you, with this recession and job cuts happening everywhere, a good does of the blues really chases the clouds away. I'm sitting here in the middle of a mess of boxes and cannot get a tune out of my head. I checked CHOM's website and playlist. Indigo Heat, by Carolyn Fe is an amazing song. This lady has a haunting voice. I hope you play more of her songs in your upcoming shows.” - Alison Rudder (Montreal)

I saw this lady play live a couple of months ago doing an acoustic gig at a small bar on Bishop Street. She has quite a stage presence and pipes to back it up. It's a pleasant surprise to hear her on air. Please keep playing her songs. Long Live CHOM's Black Cat Alley!” – Max (Montreal)

Il y a quelques jours que mes amis m’avaient suggéré d'acheter le CD de Carolyn Fe, chanteuse de blues Montréalaise. Je n'étais pas sûr car je ne la connaissais pas. Maintenant que tu me l’as introduit via Black Cat Alley, je suis certaine que mon achat ne serait pas perdu. Merci beaucoup de l’avoir introduit cette dame avec une voix onctueuse. C’est toujours un plaisir d’entendre du blues qui est très près de nous ici à Montréal.” - Mélanie Pierre (Montreal)

Last night during your show, Black Cat Alley, you played a female artist. I've never heard of her before. Caroline Fe? What a smoky voice she has! Can you play more of her tunes?” – Alain Cossette (Montreal)

You guys are different, the music and the lyrics make people feel the thrill, and you bring us back our memories as if it was just yesterday. When I listen to you, it’s easy to let go of today’s troubles and just enjoy the moment!” – Luisa Mendoza (Montreal)

"Que j'aimerais être bilingue et avoir une facilité à comprendre du premier coup, toutes ses belles paroles. Ton album est super bon et à ce que je pense, te ressemble encore plus; tu es multi talentueuse et ça se voit ! J'espère te voir à Sorel" -  Guylaine Dionne, Sorel (Quebec)

My family and I love listening to all kinds of music. We listen to Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Musicals, Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues- you name it, we listen to it. Sugat Ko is currently one of the CDs sitting in our 5 disc minivan CD player. Each kid (I have 3 kids) has their favourite song on the cd that they love singing along to. It's an understatement when I say this CD perfect for the whole family. Get your copy, you will not be disappointed!" - Emilee Veluz (Actress), Montreal, Canada

“Do you know how good the band is, do you f… realize they were here, in this lost part of the world, playing for us?! She IS a lady, she is Fitzgerald and Janis at the same time mixed with Aretha Franklin, but don’t f…tell her. She is herself, hell, that band is unique. You will never understand the quality level of these guys, and we had them here, right here, in my ears, in my soul!” 
- Solo (stage name), retired sound technician for touring Rock bands and Jazz musicians (Mandeville, Quebec, Canada)

"Carolyn you & your band as silken sound waves busting string through the open air capturing passers by in a web of which they do not beg for release. Fabulous!" - Jessica Loft (Montreal, Canada)

"They were f... good, and she made my beer shake. And the guitarrrrrrrr, f… h... !!! Ahouuuuuuuu…… Ahouuuuuuuuu!!!"(reference to our version of Smokestack Lightning, Howlin' Wolf) - Festival Mandeville Audience Member (wish we got your name)

"I am simply gobsmacked by the new sounds of Carolyn Fe and her band (Oisín Little, Jean-Francois Hamel, Ivan Garzon, Brandon Goodwin). Good God! You got good stuff happening on your album (Sugat Ko)." -Timothy James (Los Angeles, USA)

"I booked you years ago (2008) I figured it seemed like a good idea at the time, hell a lot of the time I really do get to take chances, lets face it a big night for us isn't so damn big and so I did...and then you showed up saying it was your first time doing this sort of thing, and then you got up and were one of the most professional acts I’ve had on the Chick Pickin stage, and lets make sure that nobody gets me wrong here. The vast majority of folks I get up there are pretty dam good and many are pro, so I’m not just screwing around here. You were super pro from the start, how does that happen, everyone else kind of just has to work there way up to that, yet some how you started from there. For giving me the belief that these sort of things happen, and for your talent, and again for your talent, and your wit, and your beauty and your friendship thank you." - Gern F. Vlchek, venerable barman at Grumpy's (Montreal)

"Trumpet Man Blues me fait toujours verser quelques larmes" - Jannick Duschesne (Quebec)

"Congratulations on a FANTASTIC (West Island Blues) Festival this past Saturday! The water cooler talk at the office this morning is all about the bands ... Each band gave their all but the icing on the cake was YOU!  Someone at the office bought your CD and is playing it on the intercom." - Carly Handfield (Montreal)

"Thank you for entertaining us at the West Island Blues Fest. You are definitely a true artist. I was truly touched by your performance and engagement to community." - Karine Audette (Montreal)

"Very versatile in the various blues styles.  Carolyn, you are an amazing singer, the guitarist a real virtuoso, the rest of the band was a true unit. It would be a real pleasure to see you again and again ! " - Audra Mallette (Montreal)

"Nous avons eu une belle journée en famille avec toutes sortes de musique blues (Festival de Blues de l'Ouest de l'île). Vous étiez belle sur scène, très généreuse de votre art et vos musiciens étaient de haut calibre." - Marco Pilon (Montreal)

"Having listened to their music, the passion, the energy, the emotions, I wouldn't say they are just a blues band, listening to them is like being wrapped in a comfortable blanket, it feels great and you want more" - Anne-Marie Boisse (Laval)

"Carolyn Fe is what you get when you put Sharon Jones & Sugar Pie DeSanto into one body. The band is solid, allowing Carolyn to work her mojo! They give a great show!" – Susan May (Montreal)

“Looking for a great night out…Well, take a wander over to see the Carolyn Fe Blues Collective Band, they will sure light up you night.  Awesome band members, fabulous show and the best of the best band…you will be sure to have an awesome time. *Speaking from experience*” - Lori (Montreal)

"Y'all do yourselves a favor 'n GO see this band LIVE, DRIVEN,PASSION,TIGHT,WITTY,INTENSE, 'n genuine multi-talented members, and at the speed they're evolving it's a steal to get 'em while they're hot!!" - Jack Dumontier (Montreal)

"From the first time I heard the Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, I knew what I was listening to was truly a force of nature. Just listenin' to Carolyn's vocals truly translate into what you know is such a stage presence. I have yet to see them live but that will be remedied soon! The band she has brought together are awesome artists and wow, are they tight! I have CDs of Original Sin and Bad Taboo and can't wait for the next release. No holdin' back this multi-talented Canadian Diva!!" – Christopher Lyon (CT,  USA)

“Music that brings you beyond your expectations of the Blues couple that with a powerful voice – no need for screaming here. This is a classy band that lifts the Blues to another level. Looking forward to the next album.” – Mélany Marier (France)

“The first time I heard Carolyn Fe call her bandmates her ‘Stage Husbands’, I thought it was just a joke but as the concert played on it became clear why these people are married to each other.  There is a chemistry between the band members.  A synergy that is rarely found in a group. This band is a solid unit, just like a happy marriage they make wonderful music together.  I keep coming back!” – Christian Demers (Montreal)

“I've always felt that you and the band don't just sing and play the music, you interpret it, and perform it. Your love of the music is shown in the passion you present it to us. Thank you for enriching my music experiences.” – Greg Towers (Ottawa)

“Quebec Blues Diva of the highest order, The Queen of Original Sin and her Sinful Bandmates. If you're interested in brilliant musicianship and true decency as people, The Carolyn Fe Blues Collective are your beacons of light.” – Amir Amozig (Montreal)

"Carolyn's blues rises like a tango of the soul. Rapture of our angels and demons. She stirs our depths with compassion for each others' turmoils and histories. No taboos... Nothing but unsung secrets shared..." - Gilbert Gaumerd (France)

“There are bands, and then there is Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, a band with a collective social conscience that gives back to the community and to those in need.  Musically speaking, they are true artists who push the envelope of the Blues, thus evolving the musical genre (as one journalist aptly put it).  I love the Blues but there are times when it all ends up sounding the same.  That is when Carolyn and her band stand out of the crowd. They are ground breakers when it comes to the new sound of the Blues. Carolyn's voice, the musicianship, the song lyrics and their showmanship - you cannot go wrong.” – Timothy James (California, USA)

“Nobody can make the blues feel good quite like the award-winning Carolyn Fe Blues Collective.  We’ve had the great pleasure of being swept away by their unique rhythms and harmonious sounds, led of course by the sassy soul-infused sultry vocals of Carolyn herself, backed by her Band, a first class quartet of veteran musicians.  Book your tickets early for their next gig near you and enjoy the ride!” – Carolyn Flower (Montreal)

“Seeing Carolyn Fe sitting on the sidelines before a show she looks concentrated, reserved almost aloof (I recently found out that she is extremely nervous before every show, even after years of performing) but when she hits the stage – she is an anomaly.  An entertainer par excellence, her voice and presence fills the room.  She makes you laugh, she makes you fall in love, she smiles and dances – she is enchanting. Then you listen to the words of her songs, you realise that there is more to the entertainer than meets the eye.  The music takes on another meaning, you discover the stories she tells and you connect even more.” – Mark Lyons (Ottawa)

"Just a short note to commend one of the performers that came out to raise funds for our Christmas Baskets event called Bands For Baskets. Carolyn Fe and her Band have come out to perform at this event a couple of times, the last time I felt much more moved by her performance than the one before however I think that was because I took the time to listen this past year (sometimes I get so busy I don't have the time). That being said I have been asked many times by many people, to bring her back next year because they felt she was one of the brightest lights in our show, they also said that if she were to be performing they would be sure to be there for that show. I have watched the fan base grow on this performer and it has happened with great speed, well deserved as she has chosen some of Montreal's great performers to accompany her. I wish The Carolyn Fe band bright lights and continuing success." – Peter Angrove (Montreal)