2018 Top 10 Albums "Sugat Ko", KCOR, Kansas City (USA)
2018 Best of Albums "Sugat Ko", Toronto Blues Society's John Valenteyn (Canada)
2017 Balangay Award Nominee for Best Filipino-Canadian Entertainer
2015 Filipino-Canadian Artist Award recipient, North American Filipino Star Newspaper (Canada)
2015 Nominee Best Blues & Associates Styles Album, Bad Taboo, Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)
2014 Jimi Award for International Release of the Year for "Bad Taboo", Blues 411 (USA)
2014 Juno Short-List, Bad Taboo (Canada)
2014 Bad Taboo, #8 The Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums of 2014 (NL & Labrador, Canada)
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 Nominee for Best Female Singer by Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)

2013 Nominee Best Musical Performance by Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)
2012 Award for Best Album & Associated Styles for "Original Sin", Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)
2012 Original Sin, #7 The Blind Lemon Blues Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums of 2012 (NL & Labrador, Canada)

Fourth Album: Sugat Ko (released August 1, 2018) is now playing on various, online & on air, radio stations.
Best of 2018 by Toronto Blues Society's John Valenteyn
Top 10 Albums of 2018, Main Street Blues, KCOR, Kansas City, USA
Charts #2 at CBFX FM "The X" Blues in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of December 2018!
Charts #10 at CBFX "The X" overall musical styles in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of December 2018!

Charts #13 overall musical styles at CBFX FM "The X" in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of November 2018!
Charts #8 at CBFX FM "The X" in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of November 2018!
Charts #8 at CBFX FM "The X" in Kamloops, British Columbia for the month of October 2018!
Charts #4 at CFUV FM in Victoria, British Columbia for the week of September 11, 2018!
Charts #3 in Windsor, Ontario's CJAM 99.1FM for the week of July 31, 2018!


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Toronto/Montreal-based Carolyn Fe offers up the Blues in all its shades, full band or acoustic duo/trio setup. She has the unique ability to serve it's audiences with highly charged emotions. Original material and cover songs are served up with their special touch bringing the audiences to feel the sweet purity of love's first kiss to the raunchy edge of a woman scorned, all the way to the tease of languid sexiness.

Carolyn-Fe Trinidad has the deep soul of an artist who has lived on the fringe for most of her life giving her lyrics an insight and depth that must be heard. She writes and produces original material that contains lyrics with highly charged emotions. Backed by veteran musicians who’ve played with the likes of Percy Sledge, Fat Boy Slim and Seal, the band delivers musical phrasing that evokes deep sensations from the begging for love, the hard-core-in-your-face of truth denied or the dreamy allure of pure seduction.

The first CD “100%” (released in 2009) joined the play lists of various online and on-air radio stations worldwide and continue to receive positive feedback. The award winning 2nd CD “Original Sin” (released in August 2011) was launched to packed houses on two nights, allowing Carolyn Fe to establish her presence in the Canadian Blues scene, as her songs begin to get regular airplay on radio stations worldwide. Bad Taboo, their award winning 3rd album (released in May 2014) features a collaboration with Shun Kikuta on the title track. Mr. Kikuta was the guitarist for Queen of the Blues, Ms. Koko Taylor and dubbed “The Asian BB King” by BB King himself. He left Chicago and now resides in Asia. Quebec's own Guy Bélanger adds his touch on the harmonica to two songs, “Life's Just That Good” and “Whole Lotsa Trouble”. The 3rd album, and second award, has definitely solidified Carolyn Fe’s place in the Blues world with her songs on regular rotation worldwide.

The 4th album, launched on August 1st 2018, is titled "Sugat Ko". It is a return to her roots, both ethnically and internally. The title is Tagalog (Philippine language) for “My Wound” and the album, showcases a pliable group of musicians from diverse backgrounds that is fearless regarding the sonic risks that Carolyn Fe is eager to explore to advance the genre. “We’re a tight, collaborative group and the confidence these amazing musicians have inspires me to continue thinking not just outside the box, but without a box altogether!” Reviews of the album are beyond Carolyn Fe's expectations as this album is where she drops her Sari to show her real self as well as where she wants to take her Blues soundscape. Purists beware! This is definitely not your Grandmother's Blues. Click > Media Reviews

Carolyn Fe is currently working on her 5th album. If you've been following her, you know that she rarely covers a song, but in her quest to continue to push the envelope of the Blues genre, Carolyn Fe goes deeper into her Filipino roots and collaborates with two reknowned Filipino Jazz musicians from California, Bo Razon and her cousin, Chris Trinidad.  Now that you have been introduced to her native Filipino soundscapes from her album, Sugat Ko" this next album will immerse you into the possibilities of Filipino Indigenized Blues. She will keep you slightly off balance but well within your comfort zones as she takes classic Blues songs and infuses the music with the tribal and pre-colonial sounds of the Philippines. The album will entice you to seek the historical relations between America's history of slavery and the Filipinos.

Carolyn Fe is raw, real, and with captivating energy. The audience is immediately drawn into a live show of unbridled enthusiasm as the band exudes their love of playing. Old elements of the blues are mixed with a newer eclectic concoction of various musical styles, resulting in a sound of their own.

If you are finding your Blues all sounding the same, turn the page – look at, and listen to Carolyn Fe as she keeps pushing the envelope of the Blues, breaking your Blues boundaries and knowing that Carolyn Fe will always deliver something old, something new, nothing borrowed but the Blues.

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