Media Buzz about Carolyn Fe
2018 Best Supporting Actress, Toronto Theatre Critics Award (Canada)
2015 Filipino-Canadian Artist Award recipient, North American Filipino Star Newspaper (Canada)
2015 Nominated Best Blues & Associated Styles for "Bad Taboo", Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)
2014 Jimi Award for International Release of the Year for "Bad Taboo", Blues 411 (USA)
2014 Bad Taboo, #8 on The Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums of 2014 (NL & Labrador, Canada)
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 Nominee for Best Female Singer by Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)

2013 Nominee for Best Musical Performance by Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)

2012 Award for Best Album & Associated Styles for "Original Sin", Le Lys Blues (Qc, Canada)

2012 Original Sin, #7 on The Blind Lemon Blues Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums of 2012 (NL & Labrador, Canada)

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"...the arrangements and playing are so stellar, fully complementing the songs. Carolyn Fe’s journey has produced one of the most significant albums of the year." - John Valenteyn, Maple Blues Magazine/Toronto Blues Society

"...voice ranges from a husky wisp ... to some urgent growling on the 70s rocker “I Can’t Breathe” where she gives a socio-political message to boot. Some a capella moments are riveting... and the mood gets gospel churchy on “Prayer” while some rich folk moods are rich on “Nothin’ Doin.” Her delivery is soft and confessional...and she can hit like thunder...She’s got some fight!" - George W. Harris,, (California, USA)

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Sugat Ko and like every release I've heard by Fe, it's interesting and different. Opening with One Minute To Midnight, with it's somber tone, frank lyrics and minimal backing with percussion, bass and keys, Carolyn goes her own way. Rocker, I Can't Breathe, shows a heavier dose of electric guitar and moody vocals with rock solid guitar and a driving bass line. One of my favorite tracks on the release is Sugar with a loose, aloof vocal style not unlike Lou Reed over an interesting jagged rock sound. Really cool. Another fresh track, Bring You Water has a bit of a swagger with a grinding bass /drum line and strong guitar lead. Howzat is an interesting composition with almost spoken lead vocals but with an underlying melody led on bass and really cool guitar and keys soloing giving the track a bit of an avantgarde feel. Very nice. Rag style, Nothin' Doin', has a nice easy pace with slide, acoustic  guitar, bass and simple vocals. Sweet and simple. Wrapping the release is Prayer with firm warm blended deep vocals and Fe's solitary voice over piano. Filling in as it builds with key/strings and percussion, this is the epic finish." - Bman's Blues Report, (Phoenix, Arizona)

Translated by Google, original article can be found online at Zicazine: "...After four years of silence, it is with a rather original fourth album that this soulful blues-woman comes back to us, an album in which she wanted to bring by infusing her music with traditional rhythms but also a lot of modern accents, two ingredients that takes us out of roads too well traveled while keeping a true root blues. "Sugat Ko"...presents Carolyn Fe in her truest and most real way, a woman committed to all things; the climate, the ecology or the feminine condition that we discover while traveling through...compositions in which we hear a singer whose voice is at times reminiscent of Etta James, Bessie Smith or Ma Rainey, even though the melodies are more contemporary with their electro arrangements, funky, jazzy or ethnic. Having managed to strike a perfect balance between the blues of the elders and all that surrounds her today, Carolyn Fe makes a winning comeback and definitely stands out as an artist who has developed a very strong personal commitment; an incredibly talented songwriter with incredible amounts of sensuality in her performance. A beautiful artist who merits a real international career!" - Fred Delforge, Zicazine (France)

Translated by Google, original article can be found online at Keys and Chords: "...On her fourth album Carolyn creates an adventurous atmosphere together with Ivan Garzon (guitar), Brandon Goodwin (drums, percussion), Jean-Francois Hamel (guitar), Oisin Little (bass) and some guest musicians. The album 'Sugat Ko' is an authentic, moving and evocative collection of original songs...Carolyn Fe is a musically versatile blues diva. 4 ½ stars" - Philip Verhaege  (Belgium)

"I featured 3 cuts on 11 August, 2018 during the 9 to Midnight portion of the show. "One Minute to Midnight," "Howzat," and "Not Anymore." They LOVE you ! My audiences LISTEN every week and text me their impressions during the show. And you came Up ! Not just your garden variety BLUES anymore with Carolyn !! With a twist and shout !! …" – Hoagy Pardo aka Cousin Hoagy, JAM 88.3 FM (Manila, Philippines)

Translated by Google, original article can be found online at Historias del Blues "...this album tell us about physical and spiritual transformation, adapting to different situations and moving forward with the freedom that maturity offers. "Sugat Ko" moves through a modern, non-traditional blues with very specific original rhythms and lyrics. Carolyn Fe has an innovative talent and manages to turn each emotion into a different song; going beyond the borders of the blues, accompanied by musicians who are able to safely accommodate each of those sound experiences that are the result of real-life experiences. The singer offers her vision of the modern world supported by a legacy of women warriors, leaders and defenders of their rights long before these issues became part of the daily agenda. Carolyn Fe is a visionary spirit who has put her daily struggle to the service of music and has healed her wounds." - Diego Luis Martinez, Historias del Blues (Bogota, Colombia)

"Ça roule et ça bouge plutôt bien ces jours-ci pour Carolyn Fe, cette femme charismatique, montréalaise d’adoption, aux talents multiples, originaire des Philippines d’où le titre de son 4ème album qui signifie « Ma douleur » en langue tagalog! Tour à tour femme d’affaires, actrice au théâtre et au cinéma, interprète en danse contemporaine, réalisatrice-animatrice de radio et auteure-compositrice, chanteuse de jazz & blues, Carolyn Fe a accumulé pas mal de kilomètres au compteur et en a vu de toutes les couleurs. C’est ce qui arrive lorsqu’une personne avec un tel passé décide de sortir un album: on peut s’attendre à ce que ce soit ce qu’on appelle « du lourd » et, après avoir écouté Sugat Ko plusieurs fois de suite, je peux affirmer que c’est en effet le cas!Laissant derrière elle son groupe, The Blues Collective, Carolyn s’est entourée cette-fois ci de musiciens plutôt béton: Jean-François Hamel et Ivan Garzon aux guitares, Oisin Little à la basse et Brandon Goodwin à la batterie & percussions sans oublier les invités, John Dodge au sousaphone, Angie Arsenault aux instruments multiples ainsi que les choristes Serge Turcotte, James Douglas, Johanna Tzountsouris et Leslie Snooksta Alston. Ce nouvel album totalisant dix compositions diffère des précédents car plus sombre, dramatique et chargé émotivement parlant. Il n’est plus seulement question de blues ici mais de véritables chansons d’auteure car, n’étant plus confinée par la limite des trois accords et des douze mesures, Carolyn en profite et prend son envol de façon aussi fracassante qu’émouvante. Puisant tantôt dans les sources du folk, du blues, du gospel et du jazz, elle trouve la façon exacte d’exprimer les émotions qu’elle ressent au fond d’elle-même, ce qui est admirable. Elle n’est pas là pour amuser la galerie ou rassembler des fans, mais plutôt pour accomplir un acte de libération crucial pour elle tout en transmettant des messages qui ne sont pas sans rappeler ceux exprimés dans le passé par des intouchables comme Marianne Faithfull ou encore, Buffy Ste-Marie. Puissant, sorti tout droit des tripes, intelligent, sensible, libérateur, Sugat Ko ne peut laisser indifférent. Alors, bravo Carolyn et merci, merci encore pour toute cette douleur ressentie qui fait, paradoxalement, un bien fou!"  - Dan Behrman, Le Magazine Son et Image (Août-Septembre 2018), Directeur Quartier Général du Vieux La Prairie

"I listen to many good efforts put forth by many incredible talented musicians every day. I discovered one album the other day that I thought needed some mention. The artist is Carolyn Fe and her latest release is called “Sugat Ko”. Many albums I can slot into a particular genre but I can’t do that with Carolyn’s latest effort. Mixing Folk, Blues, Funk Soul, Spiritual and Hard Charging rock with Carolyn’s pure raw soulful voice puts this album in the “Buy” category and is indeed a “must have” in any audiophiles collection. From the funky soul sound of “Wanna say we’re through” to the folk sounds of “One minute to midnight” and “nothin’ doin’” To the powerful messaging and hard charging rock of “I can’t breathe” Carolyn indeed covers the gamut. What I find particular interesting is how Carolyn’s voice works beautifully with songs of spirit. “Jerusalem’s Thorns” showcases this and this song is blended with an almost voodoo sound which I find incredibly unique. Carolyn spits her time between Montreal and Toronto, and if you are in the area or in between, I would recommend that you find out where she and her band are playing. I am sure that it would be a show to remember." - Gary Michaels, Fusion Pocket, (Ecuador, SA)

"The melodic sound and mixing of instruments in all the songs are superb. Vocals are really powerful!!!!" - Jeff Wells, The Cavern, KSOI 91.9 FM (Southers Iowa, USA)

Translated by Google, original article can be found online at Rootstime "This is definitely not Grandma's blues ...After a four-year silence, Fe’s new album 'Sugat Ko' (translated: 'My Wound') is out. In ten new songs Fe takes us into her world, in which she looks for variants of the traditional blues, rhythms and texts that express her feelings which helped her to accept her (Filipino) roots and emotions. With the help of   musicians (Ivan Garzon, Brandon Goodwin, Oisin Little & Jean-François Hamel) who come from very different musical backgrounds, they helped facilitate the new horizons that Fe wanted to explore to in order to evolve the genre. 'Sugat Ko' for Fe is a very personal album in which emotions such as pain and passion can be the subject of the songs, with subtle religious connotations. Fe’s "Howzat" describes the cacophony that was going on in her mind during the four years, as she worked on the album and had to keep smiling at the world as she was dying on the inside and yes, the song is about murdering and burying that mess: "She runs out into the garden with her Jimmy Choo's sinking into the grass, cement, that's all she can think of... ". In "Prayer" it is all about "choice". What often sounds like a call for help, is actually the opposite of asking for help. "Prayer" is a cry to die. When Fe wrote the song her friend, Angie Arsenault, understood the message; co-produced the song and played all instruments. In "I Can’t Breathe" you feel the loss, in the gospel "Jerusalem's Thorns" the pain and in "Bring You Water" the liberation… "Wanna Say We're Through" is very funky, "All That Matters" dreamy and the closing "Nothin 'Doin'" a mix of jazz and blues. On 'Sugat Ko', Carolyn Fe interweaves old elements of the blues with an eclectic mix of different musical styles, to create her own sound. If you want to know how Fe sees the evolution of the blues, it is in her new album 'Sugat Ko'. Then this: Carolyn Fe is currently working on a new album 'Cover My Bass'. It will be a collection of cover songs and, there are already some songs recorded. We will keep you informed! If you want to know how Carolyn Fe sees the evolution of the blues, her new album 'Sugat Ko' is where different styles, rhythms and influences genially meet the blues." -  Eric Shuurmans, (Belgium)

Translated by Google, original article can be found online on Blues Magazine "If a blues release contains the necessary quirkiness and adventure, my ears are pointed in the right direction. And that is something you get to a large extent on the fourth album by singer Carolyn Fe. She is an artist who was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada at a young age. There she already has a nice name in the blues world and she is also active as a choreographer and actress. She debuted in 2011 with the album 'Original Sin' and four years ago her most recent album 'Bad Taboo' appeared. Now she is back with an album that sounds very adventurous. She opens the album with the ballad One Minute To Midnight, a folky song in which she is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, a crying slide and a light-funky drummer. And of course her gentle soulful vocals that make this softly flowing song a gem. Then we go to the blues rock in I Can not Breathe with log-rocking funky guitar riffs and screeching solos. Carolyn sounds very cool in this. Sugar is a sultry, almost swampy song in which Carolyn declaims her lyrics, making her appear as a bluesy performance by Grace Jones. Jerusalem's Thorns is done by Carolyn, through layered vocals, a capella, accompanied only by thumping drums and percussion; the rattling percussion on this song has a New Orleans voodoo atmosphere. In the languid grooving Bring Your Water, the raw guitar sings and burning guitar solos stand out. Howzat is a lazy shuffle with a roaring hard slide and jazzy bass. The submerged jazzy vocals of Carolyn come out beautifully. Wanna Say We're Through is a super funky song in which the spirits of both Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield roam. Carolyn sounds quite embittered in a song with the theme "I wanna say we're through but I keep waking up next to you". All That Matters is then an atmospheric sizzling ballad with soft vocals, accompanied by warm floating keyboards and guitar. Nothin 'Doin' also sounds wonderfully relaxed. A folkie ballad with melancholy crying slide. Prayer is a beautiful emotional ballad with a buzzing gospel choir and Carolyn's powerful low soul voice. This is absolutely not a standard blues album but a very versatile and adventurous album. It is time for us to see Carolyn Fe once in the Netherlands!" - Peter Marinus, Blues Magazine (The Netherlands)

"Speaking with Carolyn about "Sugat Ko", while we listened to the music, you know the passion that is blazing inside her...beware, she hasn't gotten started yet!"Vinny Marini, (Mississippi, USA)

Translated by Google original article can be found online on Sound Guardian "
Carolyn definitely treats her wound. Only her scar reminds her and prevents her from forgetting, remains. How many such scars do we all have? Is it the right path to healing the physical and mental wounds? You will find answers yourself. Music is definitely the right tool to achieve this healing. Someone who does not love music, someone who cannot follow their feelings, will also cure the slightest wound. And this is exactly what makes a great, great multi-talented artist Carolyn Fe: she's amazingly powerful, very direct and personal. I know everyone loves to listen to what they know, but it's time to change it...I admit, my head and ears annoy me when the same thing is heard on air. My dear, Carolyn Fe is an artist who unreservedly deserves my support and attention…she is an artist who is constantly looking for something new. Carolyn is looking for the spark that will stimulate and arouse her talent each time. Carolyn's knees are running out of the Mississippi Delta, and even better, she goes deeper and deeper. Listen closer to this really brilliant album, you will know what it is all about…songs will surely open your ears and simply introduce you to her miraculous world. If she strays a little bit away, she goes to some other close-knit musical style very quickly, but in the next song he returns to blues. Carolyn guides and develops this basic idea, holds it tightly in her hands and confidently leads a band that is so enthusiastic about giving ample support to the impressive vocals of the impressive Carolyn Fe. These brilliant musicians led by Carolyn Fe…gives a lavish musical picture. Their blues have acoustics and excellent guitar riffs, great rhythms, majestic keyboards (Prayer) and beautifully painted backgrounds of compositions with peculiar and inspired black and white tones. Inspired by the mix of different musical styles and influences of their songs, it expresses their personality and makes them absolutely original. The experienced band is made up of musicians who are veterans and play with renowned musicians, but it seems to me that with Carolyn, these musicians got their wings." - Mladen Loncar, Sound Guardian, Croatia

"It's been 4 years since Carolyn's last album Bad Taboo but it's been worth the wait. Sugat Ko shows she's been developing her craft, writing strong songs and generally raising the bar...-- if you haven't heard it you should definitely take a listen!" - Cliff McKnight, Nothing But The Blues, UK

"Op ‘Sugat Ko’ verweeft Carolyn Fe oude elementen van de blues met een eclectische mix van verschillende muziekstijlen, om zo een eigen geluid te creëren. Wil je weten hoe Fe de evolutie van de blues ziet, dan is er vanaf augustus haar nieuwe album ‘Sugat Ko’ (If you want to know how Carolyn Fe sees the evolution of the blues, there is her new album 'Sugat Ko', where different styles, rhythms and influences genially meet the blues ...)" - Eric Schuurmans,

"It has been a long wait for the next Carolyn Fe offering, but boy was it worth it! Sugat Ko is packed with deep emotional vocals from Ms Fe that make your spine tingle, spread on a terrific bed of music from the musicians taking the journey with her. A great way to make a return to the fold- but don't leave it so long for the next one, Carolyn!" - Kevin Black weekly podcast

"Carolyn Fe's new album, Sugat K, is a passionate and very personal one. The songs run the gamut of emotions from deep sorrow to relief and even joy. It is impossible to listen to Sugat Ko and not be moved." - John Sillberg CKOL 93.7 FM Campbellford, ON

"(Sugat Ko) A deep and resonant exploration of culture, healing and the human soul. Music as brilliant and diverse as Carolyn herself" - Terry Parsons, Blind Lemon Blues 93.5FM - Newfoundland, Canada

"This one came completely out of left field but it is a beautiful album with rich lyrics delivered by a luscious voice. Fe explores boundaries and surpasses them with her approach. The album, Sugat Ko, means "my wound" in her native Tagalog, so you know you're not going to hear the same covers of the same song.  Make no mistake, she can drop a great cover of blues classics as well as anyone in the business, but this is a personal album that covers the myriad facets of her life.  Having discovered her now, I'm making it a mission to fine her previous releases fo I am heading to her website and I urge you to do the same" - John Porter, Time for the Blues - WCVE, Richmond, Virginia, USA

"She's more than a threat, she's pure bliss in a bottle." (re: Sugat Ko, 4th album) - Yanick Theriault, Cigare & Whiskey  - 90.7FM - New Brunswick, Canada

"Sugat Ko is an album where Carolyn Fe is constantly pushing her own boundaries...she continues to charm you with her warm and deep voice tunes and powerful lyrics" - Rootsville, Belgium

"(Bad Taboo)...1940’s vocal delivery like Etta James and shows how strong a voice Carolyn Fe has" - Cashbox Canada

"With high energy performances and stunning original songs that are charting in the top ten on blues radio, Carolyn Fe Blues Collective is a must see! Simply Superb!" - Patricia Lever, radio host on DAWG-FM, Canada's first and only commercial blues radio station.

"Carolyn Fe does it right. She just "gets it". Exciting performer who really knows how to engage a crowd and what a terrific band she has! Can't wait to bring her back" - Ross Robinson, Producer, Bluesin'Toronto (Canada)

"There’s surpassing your goal, and then, as Montreal blues singer Carolyn Fe can happily attest to, there’s rocketing into a different postal code of expectational together...They spring from different musical tastes and traditions but meet at the blues, which may account for why Bad Taboo, like Original Sin, indulges in such a broad range of styles within the blues paradigm.” - Jamie O'Meara, The Montreal Gazette (Canada)

"Original est ici le mot-clé. Carolyn Fe propose ses propres compositions sur Bad Taboo, ce qui n’est pas si courant dans un genre où il est tellement plus facile de reprendre des standards de Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters ou autres Big Mama Thornton. Fe verse dans le blues, donc, mais on parle ici d’un blues contemporain, aux palettes de couleurs élargies, dont les influences et les clins d’œil à diverses époques sont perceptibles, sans jamais sacrifier le présent.” - Philippe Rezzonico, Rue Rezzonico

Carolyn Fe dégage de l’atmosphère du groove, de la drive! Son blues sonne vrai, feel vrai, groundé dans ses expériences de vie.  La musique est engagée, thrillante! …elle évolue dans le blues … connectée et exprime tout naturellement les pérégrinations auxquelles on peut, significativement, s’identifier dans leurs déclinaisions et stules distinctifs colorés! – Pierre Jobin, Mag@zine TED (Tendances Électronique & Design)

Montreal, Canada based Filipino chanteuse Carolyn Fe and her excellent band...made very evident why they have garnered so much acclaim in their hometown. She is not of the blues shouter variety of female blues singers that is often found in blues outfits...there is kind of an aloofness in her “matter-of-fact” delivery, it possesses a definite authority. Combined with the clever lyrics...might be what Debbie Harry and Blondie would sound like if they were a blues band. New Wave energy and nasty slide guitar...A Canadian-based band rises once more to energize the state of modern blues. Carolyn Fe’s vocal delivery is a presence to be reckoned with...deserve all the praise heaped on them by the Canadian press. This one is well worth a listen by any discerning blues fan. - Greg "Bulldong" Szalony, Blues Blast Magazine (USA)

"The band becomes evolutionary with it's blues fingerprint. They offer a refreshing twist on a worn out old musical trope.” - Cashbox Canada Magazine

"This aint your grandfather's blues. "Origian Sin" was certainly the break out album for Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, and with "Bad Taboo" we see that they have absolutely lived up to their future expectations. "Original Sin" won a wheelbarrow full of accolades and awards, and as far as I am concerned "Bad Taboo" should surely do that and more as I truly believe it is their best work to date.  (Original Sin) was not only Fun, Witty, Creative, & New, ... it was also very Refreshing...Carolyn Fe Blues Collective were not ones to stay inside the box when dealing with the Blues, it is extremely musical adventure after the other and an album that was not only hypnotic, but also addictive in nature, something that I have not gotten from an album, in a long long time... I enthusiastically give my highest rating of 5***** (Original Sin &  Bad Taboo). I continue to thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend.” More on Bad Taboo by John Vermilyea - Blues Underground, The Blues Report (BC, Canada)

"Carolyn Fe is a character and a half; a fringe artist that deserves the spotlight wherever she walks. Carolyn’s charm is only accented by her versatility. The unequivocal triple threat, Carolyn combines the art of music, and theater, all within the cloud of the Blues." - Rik Roe, The 

"This is an excellent example of the evolution of blues music. Music, like all species of living things evolve in different ways. This recording has most of the clues of a contemporary blues band. It has a different sound and that's what evolution is all about. If you want to look down a different path of the blues ... and I always advise that... here's one to try." - Bman - Bman's Blues Report (USA)

I love it (Bad Taboo) and everything you do. What a refreshing take on the genre(s).  - Steve Hamilton, Host of Fresh Roots - New Blues at WNRN FM, Charlottesville, Virginia (USA)

Pour faire suite à Original Sin qui a remporté le Lys Blues du meilleur album blues et styles associés en 2012, Carolyn Fe Blues Collective nous offre son troisième album, Bad Taboo. Le groupe a uni ses efforts de création puisque les 13 chansons de l’album sont des compositions d’un ou plusieurs musiciens avec Carolyn Fe Trinidad. Dès la première écoute on apprécie la qualité du son et des arrangements ainsi que la voix chaude de Carolyn Fe. Bad Taboo, la chanson titre, est un bijou avec la voix d’accompagnement de Carol Schumph et la guitare de Shun Kikuta (Koko Taylor), surnommé le BB King asiatique par BB King lui-même. - Celine Lajoie, Blog de Tatie Blues, Le Blues du Quebec, Le Blues Musique

"Bad Taboo" opent het album met 1"All About Them", dat door de zang van Carolyn, het geweldig gitaarwerk van Rami Cassab en de grooves van Tim Alleyne op keys, een heel genietbaar nummer wordt. Dan Legault (drums) en Oisin Little (bas) houden het allemaal samen met hun ijzersterke ritme. De tracks waar mondharmonicaspeler Guy Bélanger op mee speelt 4"Life's Just That Good" en 12"Whole Lotsa Trouble", zijn de tracks met mondharmonica partijen om de harp / vingers van af te likken. 12"Whole Lotsa Trouble" is een meer rustige akoestische track, waarin de zang van Carolyn centraal staat. De drum beat contrasteert hier heel subtiel met de harmonica van Bélanger. Titel song 3“Bad Taboo” met gitarist Shun Kikuta is een rustig R&B nummer, met enkele mooi uitgesponnen solo’s van Kikuta en de backings van Carol Shumph. Dan is er ook het donkere 7”Bad Thing”, waar Jason Luc Murphy de sax partij verzorgt, naast de obscure, leidende bas van Oisin Little. De sfeer zit er goed in met het rustige 10”Promised” en 1”Watching You”, dat de deuren groot open zet voor de orgel grooves van Tim Alleyne en de solo’s van gitarist Rami Cassab. Het album sluit af met 13”Not Worth The Show”, een van de zeldzame uptempo blues rockers. Na "Original Sin" doet Carolyn Fe en haar “Blues Collective” met "Bad Taboo" een grote stap voorwaarts. "Bad Taboo" zal het m.i. nog beter doen en bevestigen wat velen verwachtten. - Eric Schuurmans, (Belgium)

"Il vous fera découvrir différents styles de musique blues qui nous montre l’étendu du talent du Carolyn Fe Blues Collective qui sait nous divertir autant sur disque qu’en spectacle. Avec BAD TABOO, laissez-vous séduire par Carolyn Fe qui nous montre qu’avec le blues certains tabous sont parfois permis...” - Le Net Blues (Quebec, Canada)

"Da wird heftig abgerechnet mit miesen Mitmenschen (großartig allein so eine Zeile aus "Rant": “You’re just one of Satan’s Army brats”). Da gibt's Bezüge zur Bibel (nicht nur zur Erbsünde und den Apfel sondern auch zur Offenbarung des Johannes), Und überhaupt gibt es für den Blues ja von früh bis spät Gründe. Doch Carolyn Fe ist keine der Blueser, die ihren Kopf hängenlässt und weint, sondern eine die wie Big Mama Thornton ihren Blues herausbellt und schreit, wenn es nötig ist." - Wasser-Prawda (Germany)

“Carolyn Fe Blues Collective's "Original Sin" makes the 2011 Blues 411 Jimi Awards list for Best international Release. International Release of the Year: Ana Popovic – Unconditional Sunday Wilde – What Man ? Oh That Man! ! ! Ian Siegal & The Youngest Sons – The Skinny Carolyn Fe – Original Sin Shelley Hardinge- Reclaim Your Land Todd Sharpeville – Porchlight” - Blues 411 - Blues 411

“Carolyn Fe ... offers up 2 solid, straight-up “1-4-5” blues...But just as the listener gets a feel for the sound & original songs...they do a bait and switch...becomes evolutionary with its blues fingerprint applied to several other styles. “Baby Bye Bye”...a Patsy Cline rockabilly turn...“Let’s Soar”...a tribal Ted Nugent married to Allman Brothers’ groove. “Devil’s Food”..a fun TexiCali party blast...short of a Tijuana joy ride!..the band excels and vocals shine with the three variations on Swamp Boogie blues. “Some More” answers the question ‘What if Bif Naked let her blues flag fly?’ “Don’t Be So Sad” recalls the kings of Canadian dirty blues: McKenna-Mendelson Mainline. The true outstanding track on the album is “Rant”...slows down ZZTop’s excesses & ads a diatribe of Fe’s personal dislikes, a la Tom Petty..features one of the best catchphrases heard in a song in ages: "You're just one of Satan's Army brats"..refreshing..!” - Jaimie Vernon - Cashbox Canada

"Carolyn Fe seduced many thousands of listeners to my radio program, The Black Cat Alley. Rarely have I experienced such a positive, instant reaction from listeners to a song or new voice.  Ms. Fe commands the song's tension with grace and power, like one of the grandes dames of the blues."  - Randy Renaud (CHOM FM 99.9, Montreal) Radio Host: The Black Cat Alley & The Randy Renaud Show

“Over the years I’ve interviewed many of the blues greats from Lucky Peterson to Bonnie Raitt and BB King to James Cotton, and seen so many of the legendary old-timers perform live: Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Bobby Bland, Big Mama Thornton, this list goes on. And lemme tell you, Carolyn Fe is the real deal. Her song The Curse is one of the nastiest blues songs ever written.... ” - Richard Burnett - The Montreal Gazette

“12 pièces originales..Carolyn signe tous les textes. À la 1ère ORIGINAL SIN, le band pulvérise le déjà entendu avec une nouvelle approche..De couleur acoustique..jusqu’à l’implosion électrique & sans compromis..cette pièce symbolise parfaitement le chemin parcouru de cette auteure. BABY BYE BYE..du Rock&Roll avec Carolyn qui pousse sur l’accélérateur & ses musiciens qui lui donnent la réplique. Une des plus remarquables pièces de cet opus,YOU & ME & THE BLUES, 6 minutes de blues torride, un amalgame de voix sensuelle, de guitare quasi érotique & un solo d’orgue B3, instrument presque essentiel à cet univers de blues. SOME MORE..dans la veine des Bonamassa..élargi encore plus ce produit à d’autre facette..Carolyne Fe (s'est) bien amusée à produire ORIGINAL SIN. Elle croque dans la vie tout comme dans la pomme de la pochette aux allures de la nouvelle mode vampire..Cet opus commande la réécoute afin d’y remarquer d’avantage toutes les subtilités & l’” - Rejean Nadon - Le Net Blues

“..des (compos) orientées en direction de la face la plus sombre du blues..mais également un retour vers les racines..que Carolyn Fe..choisi de faire en retrouvant les sonorités roots & sales du delta & en les remettant au goût du jour avec des arrangements intelligemment trouvés. Rompue à l’exercice de la scène, Carolyn a adopté le ton le plus juste pour que son album sonne de façon brute & spontanée, s’attachant à chaque instant à mettre un max de force dans son chant mais (sans) de laisser à ses complices le soin de s’exprimer..un sens particulier du jeu collectif conduiront l’auditeur à succomber instantanément à des morceaux comme «Broken String»«You & Me & The Blues»«Rant»ou«Bow Wow» qui,.., contribuent à faire de cet «Original Sin» un très grand moment de blues capable de convaincre un public très large grâce à une voix chaude et racée..une pointe d’inventivité pour l’adapter à sa propre personnalité..Carolyn est à n’en point dout” - Fred Delforge - Zicazic: Zicazine (France)

“Carolyn Fe is a Montreal-based blues singer who performs with all the heart and soul of this deep-rooted musical form. Drawing from the past with a modern, bold and sensual style, Carolyn's powerful vocals match the intensity of her well-crafted lyrics. Graeme McDonald, CJIM, Montreal's Real Rock Station ” - Graeme McDonald, CJIM, Montreal's Real Rock Station

“Carolyn is a true blues artist like they used to be….she is completely dedicated to the blues and her career. That is been reflected in her music. 100% Carolyn pure blues artists! Yves Trottier, Program Director 101.9 DAWG FM (Ottawa) ” - Yves Trottier, Program Director 101.9 DAWG FM

“The multi-talented Carolyn Fe – professional dancer, actor, director and choreographer – is also a musician, singer and songwriter who loves to push the envelope. An innovator who has been influenced by a wide range of musical styles, all tempered by the blues, the artist recently released an impressive EP called 100%. Look out – with the launch of her follow-up album, Carolyn Fe just might turn out to be Canada’s “next big thing”! Brant Zwicker, Station Manager: CFBX 92.5 FM (British Columbia, Canada)& Host of Syndicated Radio show: At The Crossroads Blues Radio ” - Brant Zwicker, CFBX 92.5 FM (British Columbia, Canada)& Host: At the Crossroads

“Hosting my radio show for the 11th year, I’m always looking for the best new artists that can surprise me and give me once again the pleasure of doing this job for the blues fans around. One day, I received a 4 songs CD from this lady and that was it! Carolyn Fe is among the blues women that we are looking for…Keep both of your eyes on her! Michel Rochette, 10,000 Blues Show Quebec City’s spirit of the blues CKIA-FM 88,3 ” - Michel Rochette, 10000 Blues Show Quebec City's Spirit of the Blues CKIA-FM 88,3

“Sometimes you come across a hyphenate and you think “Jack of All Trades, master of none.” This is definitely not the case with Carolyn Fe. She is a talented, multilingual singer-writer-director-actress-social activist (count the hyphens) and she does them all well! Whatever she touches spells “success!” - Peter Anthony Holder Host: The Stuph File Program and Global TV News Anchor

“J’aimerais par la présente souligner le merveilleux talent de Carolyn Fe qui depuis plus d’un an charme avec sa magnifique voix l’auditoire de l’émission Montréal en blues. Son parcours artistique et professionnel est impressionnant et mérite une attention toute particulière de la part des différents intervenants culturels de l’industrie du disque et du spectacle. Je lui souhaite le plus grand succès dans sa carrière et la recommande sans hésitation pour toutes formes d’aides pouvant lui permettre de poursuivre son cheminement artistique. Régent Martin: Animateur de l’émission Montréal en blues.Radio-Montréal CIBL 101.5 FM ” - Régent Martin: Radio-Montréal CIBL 101.5 FM

“Let me say how much I love how the lyrics and musical arrangements are used to convey with subtlety and class, a clear message of raw emotion and sensuality that only a woman can experience. "The curse" really caught my attention due to its blatant and obvious anger. It's like the theme song for anyone who has been scorned by love. Well done! "Mocha Cream Pie" is self explanatory, and "Indigo Heat" has me all fired up! I can’t wait to see what Carolyn will come up with next. I can guarantee it won’t be disappointing! Darragh Hemmings, The Double D Show ” - Darragh Hemmings, Host: The Double D Show at

“Carolyn Fe is one of the most vibrant and talented musician/entertainers on scene today. She have proven without a doubt her music is relevant and timeless. Certainly a person you must see “LIVE” and on your iPod. Hiio Kirby, Radio Morning Show Host ” - Hiio Kirby, Radio Morning Show Host,

“Chanteuse Énergique! ” - Dan Behrman, Former Host of CBC Radio Espace Musique