November 8 / 2008

Well, opening night has come and gone.  We are now in marathon mode for the play’s run.  So far we are having good houses…3/4 full and this is just the first week.  If that is an indication of how Almost Blue will go, I will be a really happy producer! I was worried about how the public will react to my directorship.  So far so good and that makes me just a bit more relaxed.  The actors have really made it their own show now.  My stage manager is running the whole thing.  I am now wearing the hat of a technician – charging the glow tapes, making sure the props are in order, doing the preset. I've posted a mini video on the Video/Theatre section of this site.  Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon.

General auditions for my theatre company is now in its preparations stages.  QDF emailed the notice to its members & I created an event on Facebook.  Alot of folks have already sent in their resumes and applications. Call it a habit (because I conduct job interviews in my day job), I consider auditions like a job interview and I do get a bit turned off when applicants do not do their research on the company they are applying to.  Thank goodness I'm not the only one on the panel.