October 6 / 2008


Now, on the theatre side of things, the play I am producing, Almost Blue by Keith Reddin, will be staged at the MainLine Theatre from November 6 to 16 (more details on the production houses’ website: www.alteravitae.com).  As mentioned in my post last month, this play marks my directorial debut & I am having a lot of fun with the actors.  I find it quite interesting when they offer different variations on the same scene.  I am so grateful that I have an excellent team (cast & crew).  I wrote the theme song and in one of the versions of the song, I am backed by Yves (yes, the same Yves of DD Swank – told you it was an amicable separation!)


So there you go!  New beginnings, new challenges.  Hope to see your friendly faces in the audience during the play’s run.