March 11 / 2009

The EP is doing really really well.  I am extremely happy at what has been going on.  I am actually getting airplay on the radio.  Both online stations and local radio stations (community and commercial stations) have put my songs on their rotation lists.  I’ve heard my song “Trumpet Man Blues” play on  Planete Jazz which is 91.9FM and Mohawk Radio, an online radio station, plays “The Curse” and “Trumpet Man Blues” quite often.  They guys at Mohawk Radio are quite supportive and really sell my songs.  I am so honored!  I’ve even received requests from Argentina and Portugal stations to send them my EP so it can get some airplay!  EP sales are pretty good too.  CD Baby tells me that folks in Luxembourg have purchased CDs as well. How is that for a WOW factor?!

I am getting ready and looking forward to playing a couple of gigs soon.  We have one coming up in May.  I’ll post it up as soon as I get the specific dates.  This time around, I’ll be backed up by a full band.  We are going to be rehearsing really soon and I know it’s going to feel really good. I continue to work on new songs as I’ve received some very inspiring music from Dan.  It’s so easy and freeing to work with him.  There are no barriers. All we do is talk about a vibe of a song and voila! There it is.

I was recently interviewed on CKUT 90.3FM (McGill U’s station).  I thought I was only going to be there for 15 minutes but to my surprise, they gave me the whole hour.  YAY to QueerCorps on CKUT!  I promise to be your community’s Diva!  I’ll be posting the interview online shortly so you can partake of the happenings.

Rehearsals for Death and the Maiden are still rolling along.  Memorizing lines, studying the character, becoming the character – the whole process is working, albeit not as fast as I want it to.  But I’ll get there.  I know I will.  I have no choice.

So in the meantime, as I stuff my mind with the wonderful writing of Mr. Ariel Dorfman ask for my song on the request lines of Planete Jazz, Mohawk Radio and your local online and air stations or even better, a little support by purchasing it online would certainly be appreciated. Here's where you can get it:  CD Baby...Soon you'll also be able to get it at Archambault Musique's fine stores.