April 2 / 2009

Straight onto Music stuff. Randy Renaud of CHOM (97.7FM) played “Indigo Heat” on his show last Sunday, Black Cat Alley. The next day, I get an email from him saying that the song has received quite a bit of attention from the listeners.  He even copied me on some of their messages.  Randy claims that it was the hit of the show. Allow me to share some of the comments, apparently there were more:

 Who is this woman?  Loved that song.  Please play it more often.”


“Last night during your show, Black Cat Alley, you played a female artist.  I've never heard of her before.  Caroline Fay?  What a smokey voice she has!  What was that song? Where is she from? Can you play more of her tunes?”


“Yesterday I heard Peter Grant's guitar licks on your show.  I've seen Peter play in a few tribute bands, Beatles and most recently a Pink Floyd band.  He is a great player. But who was that woman singing?! She had quite an amazing voice!”


What more can I ask for?  It certainly helps with getting the gigs booked. It also helps with finding bookers.  As a matter of fact, I’ve organized a private mini-showcase for a few good industry folks who have shown interest in my stuff.  I am crossing my fingers…Then there’s the continued support from the good folks at Mohawk Radio, RadioRockCafe and Planète Jazz who’ve placed my songs on their rotation play list.  I am very grateful.

So aside from CD Baby, the EP is now available at Archambault Musique’s fine stores (not online, although I've been told that someone emailed the customer service online and they got their copy). You’ll have to ask for it in the Blues section, “Carolyn Fe, 100%”, if they don’t have it in stock, tell them that the store on Ste. Catherine & Berri has them and they’ll make the transfer.

Onto Theatre stuff. Death and the Maiden.  *sigh*  Now that it’s been announced officially and that it has been public knowledge for awhile, I can say that the Centaur Theatre is also staging the play in November of this year.  It will be directed by Gordon McCall.  When Roy Surette, Artistic Director of the Centaur announced their season, my voice mails and emails became a never ending loop of messages from people who were calling me to break “the” news and was most probably more curious to see how I would react. 

Pfffff…Let me tell you something. Mr. Surette is a real gentleman.  He contacted me months and months ago to let me know what he was planning for his season.  So to all those who thought they were breaking some kind of news to me…relax, “the” news is old news to me.

It was so gracious and thoughtful of him to ask me how I felt about having Death and the Maiden in his season.  I mean, think about it…who is Altera Vitae Productions compared to the Centaur? In any case, what he did was worthy of the title, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR.  I honor he who can come down from the establishment to acknowledge a small independent theatre company that is trying to survive. Mr. Surette is a class act and I believe that he really believes in the survival of theatre not only in Montreal but everywhere.  I think this man will be (if not already) a key figure in reviving theatrical interest in the Montreal general public…and of course, because of his unselfishness, us local indie theatres will reap some of the benefits. Just look at his current season - which is about to end. It is/was a series of down to earth plays that really touches upon todays issues & challenges in a language that anybody can connect to.  Don't get me wrong, I am not slagging the classics but I think the general public has been inondated with it. His upcoming season is sure to bring out the theatre lover in folks of all ages.

Oh! Did I mention that our production of Death and the Maiden will be sponsoring an organization called "RIVO"?  Well we are. RIVO is an intervention network for persons having been subjected to organised violence. I am proud to say that we, Altera Vitae, has created a corporate logo for them as well as through this production, we will be able to design a website that better represents their services.

Gotta go for now….my script is calling me to memorize its lines.  Do check out my Shows/Gigs page and I'd really like to see you in the audience.

 Death and the Maiden