December 8 / 2008

Where did 2008 go?  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Looking back, it’s been a good artistic year for me, quite busy:  Producing 2 plays, an honorable mention at the MECCAS, acting in a couple of movies & plays, a CBC Voice Over, coming out solo with my music and a Blues CD in the works.

We held general auditions for the theatre company and were quite pleased with the turnout.  Lots of talented people out there!  We were in the audition room for three days starting at 11am and finishing at 6pm, every 15 minutes we met so many good people that it’s going to be quite difficult to cast for the upcoming season.

All in all, I am quite happy with the efforts I’ve put into my projects.  There is still a lot to learn about the industry.  Every new project brings about a new learning experience.  I look forward to what I can dig up in 2009 and what the New Year has to offer. I look forward to getting my Blues CD done and gig away with it.  I also look forward to getting back onstage as an actress, this time in my own production. 

So many things to look forward to...But for now, I am a bit tired. This feeling of stopping to rest is somewhat foreign but I am actually looking forward to slowing things down over the holidays to re-energize.  See you next year!