May 2020 - Asian Heritage Month in Canada

May 22:  I am late! There's been so much happening that I've been remiss with updating you. So many things happening. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've been inside - yep, didn't step outside at all due to my chronic asthma. I was inside for 64 days, waiting for the weather to stabilise and working up the courage to go outside. I made a mask and was finally able to go out a couple of days ago and then again, yesterday. YAY, Life! So here's the latest...

Although I've been in isolation since live venues went dark, I haven't stopped working. I have a recording studio at home and have been busy with voice acting work: commercials, PSAs, audio books, etc. For that, I am extremely grateful, otherwise, I would be in a depressed and anxious state all the time.  I've also discovered lots of good movies on Netflix, keep in touch with friends online via social media, private chats or the old-school phone calls. Funny how in times of crisis we find out who our real friends are and who are just the fine-weather ones are.

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada. Last night, I celebrated online with finding out that the children's show I am part of "Blue's Clues and You!" received (click here) >> TWO EMMY AWARDS NOMINATIONS! Just incase you haven't seen it, check out the Nickelodeon Channel, I play Josh's Lola (Grandmother) which is considered a recurring role. I feel like I'm walking on air. Who'd have thought that I would have such an opportunity to be part of a show like that.

As well, I am releasing a single today! It's a remix of Jerusalem's Thorns from my album Sugat Ko. The remix is called "Jerusalem's Thorns Civilian Remix". So excited because THIS is the version I wanted to release when the album came out but my esteemed bandmates opted for a more organic sound. Join me on bandcamp and check it out here >> SINGLE Jerusalem's Thorns Civilian Remix I hope you like it and that you'll support by purchasing the song and an album. I would greatly appreciate it if you do.

More to come in my Theatrical life but for now, I have to do a couple of interviews for the release of the single. Follow me on my social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram