November 2020 – The Covidian Twist, Part II


November and the pandemic wave is hitting hard. I hope you are keeping safe and well, thinking of others, checking in with them and making sure that they too are doing well. It’s been three months since my last blog post. To think I used to do this every month. I continue on through my days planning, choosing where to put my energies, auditioning, writing, creating music, connecting with friends and new folx. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being blasé about it, I’m just happily exhausted from the work I’ve been doing.

I’ve been blessed with quite a few acting gigs, including a commercial for a pharma company, a television series that took me out to the west coast for a US network - can’t tell you more until the promotion of the series is out, but I all I can say is that it’s a horror TV show that’s kinda like The Twilight Zone, and a few other French TV shows that should be broadcasted in the new year. I’m booked to shoot more projects, but will let you know more as they come closer.

If you’re thinking of safety during the pandemic, not to worry. The Actors’ Unions have safety protocols so tight that sets are run like surgery rooms; masks, face shields, hand-sanitizers, distancing, regularly scheduled check-ups, etc. I also have seen a lot of plexi-glass on set to separate actors and crew members. The magic of camera angles never reveal the safety that is religiously practised on set.

Through all of this I have my head down, bulldozing through what I have to get done. Still working on the creation of my new album that had an initial release date scheduled for December 2020 but will have to be delayed because of the acting gigs I’ve been working on. The couple of tracks that are almost finished have blown my mind! One song in particular made me drop to my knees tearfully blubbering undecipherable words.


FINALLY!! The long awaited Blue’s Clues and You!

The broadcast date has been announced. They will be introducing Josh’s Lola (that’s Tagalog for Grandma played by yours truly) on November 20 at 11am (ET/PT) on the Nickelodeon Channel. I hope you will watch it.

I am blown away by the audience’s reaction to the introduction of Lola, especially within the Filipino communities worldwide!! I know that "Blue’s Clues" and "Blue’s Clues and You!" are an integral part of so many children’s (and now adult’s) lives but what I didn’t surmise was the global reach. Hey! I’m just an actor looking to keep working with the hopes to represent my culture through the work that I get. It was not the norm that I get to speak Tagalog on screen. But DANG IT who would have thought that Josh and I would be introducing Tagalog words on a mainstream North American show!

Talk about representation! I am (happily, astonishingly) overwhelmed by the public’s reaction of the introduction of Josh’s Grandmother. I see the comments on my social media from Filipinos around the world who grew up with "Blue’s Clues". Comments that speak of the Filipino ways we respect our elders, comments like, “I wish they had Josh and Lola when I was growing up”, “This is making me cry (in a good way)” and many who profess the Filipino pride! Just look at the TikTok clip on the side of this blog post, seeing that young woman so emotional because she sees herself and her culture on mainstream. I can't help but cry as well. Take a look at the drawing (on the side) of Lola and Josh, it was created by a young lady who is an absolute fan of Blue's Clues and You! I've been speaking with journalists from all points in Canada and The Philippines' main television networks, talking about the Filipino representation in the show and how it is affecting me as an actor. I cannot wrap my mind around how big and important this is for the next generation who will get to know about my Filipino culture.

Talk about inclusiveness… talk about our time… talk about how the entertainment world is changing and I am loving it! ...and there's more! I was just advised that a short movie called, LOLA'S WAKE directed by Tricia Hagoriles, where I played the role of ... ahem ... a Lola ...just won the WIFT-T award at The 2020 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival! By the way, WIFT-T stands for Women in Film and TV-Toronto. Such wonderful news to share during these weird times!

Ok, so I'll leave you with this blog post for now as I am still recovering from jet-lag from doing overnight shoots in the West Coast. I want you to know how grateful I am for all that has come my way during these difficult and weird times of the pandemic. It is true that there is always a silver lining when the sky is grey.


Friends, please stay safe and well.


Lola & Josh