August 2020 - The Covidian Twist


August 18:

I have lived through extreme changes in my life; from flying high to kissing the soil that was meant to cradle me six feet under and through it all, I still walk on solid ground. What I have learned from those experiences is that once normality settles, the blinders close in. For me, normality does not evolve. "Normal" holds me back; security's comfort eventually numbs me and it used to bring me to drink my days away, but those days are long gone...over three decades worth of long gone.

So here we are, mid-August. It feels like decades since my last entry in June when I launched a single, Jerusalem's Thorns Civilian Remix (which is available on Bandcamp, click on the single’s title). I’ve celebrated my 59th year on this plane; had my buttercream cakes and lobsters – heck, maybe I’ll have couple more lobsters before the birthday month ends. What’s more is that aside from my addiction/obsession to The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda (Season 2 is supposed to launch in October), I’ve been creating...and I mean CREATING!

On creativity/work straight from my heart:


I wrote a play. My first play ever. I tried to write plays before but I didn’t have the words and inspiration. But this one…Oohhh, this one didn’t take long at all. It flowed out of me in only 3 weeks. It’s called “One by Five Survive, Go Fish!” The play even had a read earlier this month, thanks to the Filipinx community theatre in Toronto “Theatre Amihan”, they were able to gather actors from across the country: British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec to do the read. Although some of the text got lost in translation due to some of the actors being a lot younger than the characters I created, I was grateful to hear my words in other voices rather than the ones in my head. It was a good start and enough for me to hear where I have some re-writes to do. There's a lot to do before this play will even see the stage lights - if at all. What I can say for now is that the play that is focused on older women, thus older actors (50 yrs old +) and I hope to find them when the times comes. Rarely do we see plays written about mature folx, these days.


To be honest, I haven’t had the urge to perform a live show (online or distanced) since the pandemic started. I do miss my colleagues but I appreciate the quietness that has enabled me to create. I have an new album coming! It will be released in December 2020 and if COVID interrupts (because I like to make allowances for this new normal), it will be out by February 2021. I’ve connected with two wonderful musicians who are on the West Coast (California). My blood runs deep on this one, even deeper than Sugat Ko and Jerusalem's Thorns Civilian Remix (click on the titles). Very excited about this so hang on until I can lift my head for a breather when I can give you more information. Already these esteemed musicians have asked if the collaboration can go beyond the upcoming album. Let’s see what happens, one step at a time.

On creativity/work that has come my way:

Acting: Thanks to my Agents, voice overs, audio books are abundant; commercials have been recorded and/or filmed. The commercials will be out soon (September, I think). Thank goodness for the Actors' Unions who have established a safety protocol to be followed on set. I would even say that those protocols are as sanitary as a surgeon’s operating room. Blue's Clues and You! - the children's series will be introducing me as Lola (Grandma) to the host, Josh, on its 2nd Season which starts tomorow August 19 on the Nickelodeon Channel. By the way, Blue's Clues and You got two Emmy Nominations for "Outstanding Preschool Children's Series" and "Outstanding Interactive Media for a daytime Program". The quirky comedy webseries, Meilleur Avant, wherein I played Madame Z garnered three nominations for the Prix Gémeaux!

Music: I “rented” my voice to a couple of musicians who needed some vocals for their songs. It’s too early in the game to see/hear the results.

On my past creative efforts:

Unsung and On The Side (click on the title) my weekly online radio show that I put to sleep in July 2020 to pursue my other artistic efforts has been getting lots of requests to come back. I am truly grateful that you miss the episodes but I do need a break. It is a lot of work to produce the show. As most of you know, I listened to the songs that were not being promoted so as to give my listeners another point of view of the artist; I looked for artists who were not in the mainstream especially those who have cultivated their original sounds. Even though the show is now asleep, I have been gifted by musicians with their art even to this day, they send me their latest creations, albums and singles as a thank you for having shared their music. I will be back one day. I promise, but for now, I need to fill my heart with my art. Until then, you can click on the title of the show and listen to 200 episodes of Unsung and On The Side

Until next time, please stay safe, think of others, wear a mask, be nice and be kind to others. We all have our point of view, it's not a contest to be won.