February 2021 - A Bit Late


Feb 18:

We work, we write, we share our souls. We walk the on the same land blazing our own and very different paths but when we meet, we are one if only for that moment. A couple of days ago, I lost a friend. We spoke regularly and he shared his experiences and knowledge freely, from his heart. People like him are rare. Truly rare. I will miss him.

Feb. 17:

Has it really been that long since I've shared with you?! We are almost one full year into the pandemic. I remember, this time last year was the beginning of rehearsals for Tarragon Theatre's production of Three Women of Swatow. A full year of isolation, self-distancing, mask wearing, online meetings, video chats, ups and downs but one thing is for sure, we are still here.

I've done a couple of shoots, went to Vancouver before the holidays to shoot and episode of "Two Sentence Horror Stories" for the CW Network in the States. We shot the episode called "Imposter". If you're not familiar with the series, it's a collection of episodes based on two sentences that people post on Reddit. Things like "I work so hard, I kill myself"...which was basically the premise of the episode I was in. The neat thing about this is that I spoke Tagalog all through the episode! TAGALOG in a full-on US TV show!! How times have changed. Just a couple of years ago, we'd never hear of Tagalog (clearly) on screen.  There's talk of having the series on Netflix and I look forward to it.

I did a TV commercial for Prevnar 13 (Pfizer) and it's airing all over Canada. Pretty neat. Who'd have thought that I'd be dancing again. I had a lot of fun shooting the advert.

I have more projects coming up for TV and music. Still working on my next album and its eventual release. I'll keep you posted on that. As well, I am currently collaborating with a DJ in California. Yep, a DJ! We're doing a nu-disco-edm tune together. Quite excited about it. I'll certainly let you know when the single is ready for you to hear.

Just last week, I did a voice over for a French children's cartoon. I voiced an animal and had a blast in the studio with the director and technician. I think they are still recording the other characters but I am looking forward to "seeing" what my voice sounds like on the animal character when all is done.

Blue's Clues & You is next up on my agenda, I'll be shooting another episode as Lola. What a trip it is to be able to represent the Filipino culture. I am having a lot of fun with it so stay tuned!

Life goes on, thank goodness for online auditions or self-tapes but I do miss doing live shows. I miss the music gigs and theatre but we'll get there slowly but surely.

Stay safe, wear a mask, be nice, be kind and reach out to people because although they may seem fine we never know what is going on in their hearts and mind.