November 2019 - Skating through it all

I know, I've been remiss with updating my blog. So many things have happened workwise: Theatre, Film, TV, Music. I spend my time between Montreal and Toronto...mainly Toronto, now. That city has opened its arms wide to welcome me. Times when I would think, what took me so long?!, and then realising that I am a late bloomer and just shrug it off.

I've met some really fine folks at work.
I just wrapped up with the play, "Hilot Means Healer" by Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, in Toronto. What a ride that was! Digging into the Filipino history and melding it with our folklore and ghost stories. It was an emotional play for me. One that took me to my roots and heritage.
While I was doing the play, I mean, after showtime - I would rush to go on set to film a French comedic webseries called "Meilleur Avant", which will premiere in April 2020 on the TV5 network (yes, I speak French - fluently and in a variety of accents when required by the producer).
Somewhere in that schedule, I did a TV shoot for Condor; based on the movie Three Days of Condor. It's broadbasted on Amazon Prime Network.
In between those projects (AHAHAHAH!!! I actually had free time?!), I did other short films that I will let you know more about as the time comes.

One of the interesting projects I've done recently is the reboot of chidlren's show, Blues Clues.  Remember that? Well, they've renamed it Blues Clues and You. This time around the host, Josh, is a Filipino and I play his Grandma in Season 2. Season 1 just launched this month so I'll be up next year on Nickelodeon.

There's more happening that I would love to share but I am happily exhausted and have other projects at hand that I have to work on and have to keep under wraps for the time being.

I've caught up with some sleep and am about ready to unplug for a few weeks until the new year. All I can say is that I am so grateful for all the opportuities that have been offered. Who'd have thought that at my age...well, forget it. Age IS just a number. I'll say it over and over again. I love my job. I am grateful for all that comes my way.

So if you want to come say "Hello", come see me at a show...(oh that rhymed! Blues Clues and You has rubbed deep into me!)
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