October 2017 - Breathe, just breathe

October 22: They say, be careful what you wish for. I wished, I hustled, I pushed, I cried and cried quiet tears, I continued on, and my wishes came true. What do I do? I've been accustomed to having no results. This is new. This is the new me. After having a connected conversation with someone who had a parallel experience in starting up, I know that I can do this. Doors open, opportunities abound and although I am ever so grateful, I do not want to sabotage the goodness that is around me.

Darren Aronofsky's "Mother" opened in the theaters this month. I wish I had to guts to see the movie. I'm just a big chicken when it comes to scary/stressful/thriller movies. But my friends say that my scene did not end up on the editing floor. "Brad's Status" with Ben Stiller will open up soon. That one I can handle.

I received some news that "Believe Your Eyes" by Punchdrunk at the Phi Center the virtual reality play I was part of in September theĀ  might be remounted just before I leave for Toronto to reprise a role that I did in a play called "Calpurnia" by Audrey Dwyer to be staged at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

...and yes, the CD, THE CD...THE FOURTH ALBUM! Still untitled, still in the final mixes. Sadly I do not think I'll be able to launch in 2017 because I will not be in Montreal as of December. But all good things do come. Oisin did a great job in recording and Brandon is doing a great job editing and mixing and getting the sound and feel that I've been longing for since the 2nd album. It's nice to be surrounded by folks who get what I am striving for.

When I come back to Montreal in 2018, I will be directing a play, Rough Justice by Terence Fishby for the Lakeshore Players in the West Island. I will be able to take care of the CD launch by then.

Oh! I sold a song to an indie movie. Feels good. I will let you know which movie it is once their marketing machine starts.

There are more projects coming up but I will make the announcement in due time.