Episode 111 originally aired October 21 to 28, 2018

  Artist Song Album
1 Renee Austin Songbirds & Angels Songbirds & Angels
2 Elles Bailey Wildfires The Elberton Sessions
3 Melanie Dekker Ginned Up Secret Spot
4 Carolyn Fe Bring You Water Sugat Ko
5 Me'Shell Ndegéocello; Funk Brothers Cloud Nine Standing in the Shadows of Motown
6 Kara Grainger Working My Way Back Home Living with Your Ghost
7 Rebecca Angel Stand By Me What We Had
8 Melina Hanke Big Brother Melina
9 Ruby Roots Don't Talk About It Don't Talk About It
10 Danielle Nicole Pusher Man Cry No More
11 Reloaded I Pray For You My Longest Mile
12 Kathy and The Killowatts Grow Some Premonition of Love
13 Miss Marcy Sugarbrown Deep Ellum
14 Lauren Anderson The Game The Game
15 Long Tall Deb & Colin John Dragonfly Dragonfly
16 Jane Lee Hooker Black Rat Spiritus
17 Z Star The Bridge Hotel - single -
18 Sara Lee Runaway Bride Heart of Stone
19 Nina Massara Impossible to Resist Watch Me
20 Sue Foley Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair The Ice Queen
21 Taylor P Collins Strong Confident Women - single -
22 Pura Fe River People Sacred Seed
23 Sarah Shook The Bottle Never Lets Me Down Years
24 Laura Rain and The Caesars Walk with Me Walk with Me
25 Jennifer Lynn & the Groove Revival Let Go This Time Badlands
26 Toshi Reagon Rock Me Tribute To Sister Rosetta Tharpe
27 Peggy Perkins Since I Fell For You Influences
28 Keeshea Pratt Band Shake Off These Blues Believe
29 Meg Williams Little Bit of the Devil Maybe Someday
30 Nina Simone Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter Anthology
31 Terez Montcalm Voodoo Voodoo