Episode 110 originally aired October 14 to 21, 2018

  Artist Song Album
1 Bridget Kelly Band It's A Shame Blues Warrior
2 Bridget Kelly Band Let Go Blues Warrior
3 Eddie The Chief Clearwater A Time for Peace West Side Strut
4 Eddie The Chief Clearwater Rock A Blues Baby West Side Strut
5 Leeroy Stagger Little Brother Love Versus
6 Leeroy Stagger Love Versus Love Versus
7 Reloaded Devil's Kiss My Longest Mile
8 Reloaded I Pray For You My Longest Mile
9 Twin Flames Mama Signal Fire
10 Twin Flames So Qaigit (Come With Me) Signal Fire
11 Artur Menezes Any Day, Anytime Keep Pushing
12 Artur Menezes Now's the Time Keep Pushing
13 Dione Taylor Grandma's Hands Born Free
14 Dione Taylor Higher Ground Born Free
15 JoAnne Shaw Taylor Dyin' To Know Wild
16 JoAnne Shaw Taylor Summertime Wild
17 Reds Blues Mother Earth You Knock Me Out
18 Reds Blues Poor Girl You Knock Me Out
19 Libby Rae Watson & Wes Lee Mr. Sam's Blues I Done Told Ya
20 Libby Rae Watson & Wes Lee Worrying Times I Done Told Ya
21 Sybil Gage Hello Dolly Live from Studio A WUCF
22 Sybil Gage Hey Bro NOLA Calling
23 Breezy Rodio A Cool Breeze in Hell Sometimes The Blues Got Me
24 Breezy Rodio Don't Look Now, But I've Got The Blues Sometimes The Blues Got Me
25 J.J. Vicars Stinky Twinky Remix Irreverent Dissident
26 J.J. Vicars Wang Dang Doodle Irreverent Dissident
27 Reverend Freakchild Hippie Bluesman Blues Dial It In
28 Reverend Freakchild Soul of a Man Dial It In
29 Robert Plant Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down Band of Joy
30 Robert Plant You Can't Buy My Love Band of Joy
31 Kaz Hawkins Hallalujah Happy People Get Ready
32 Kaz Hawkins Nendrum Don't You Know