Episode 109 originally aired October 7 to 14, 2018

  Artist Song Album
1 Orphan Jon Cold Man Blues Abandoned No More
2 Dead Man's Whiskey This Fight Under he Gun
3 Andy Watts Voodoo Chile Blues On Fire
4 The Lucky Losers Alligator Baptism Blind Spot
5 Eric Bibb Refugee Moan Migration Blues
6 Christina Martin Impossible to Hold Impossible to Hold
7 Hymn For Her Milkweed Drive Til U Die
8 Jay Willie Blues Band Sinner's Prayer Jay Walkin'
9 Big Head Blues Club The Same Thing Way Down Inside
10 Eric Hughes Band Freight Train of Pain Meet Me in Memphis
11 Micke Bjorklof and Blue Strip Last Train To Memphis Ain't Bad Yet
12 Raine Hamilton Aurora In The Meadow Night Sky
13 Doug MacLeod Travel On Break The Chain
14 Mark Cameron Band Dicey Live at Blues On The Chippewa
15 Beauwater In The Long Run Lovers, Fools and Kings
16 Melina Hanke Big Brother Melina
17 Gus Spenos She Walked Right In It's Lovin' I Guarantee
18 Blind Lemon Pledge Midnight Assignation Evangeline
19 Blue Room Please Come Home Blue Room
20 GT Blues Combo God's Problem Child - single - 
21 Staefan and Saskia Master Crowley EP
22 Jordan Officer Dream of You and Me Three Rivers
23 Jay Sewell I Like It Like That Payin' My Dues
24 Kauffey Temple Cheshire Moon Honey Be
25 Ruz Guitar's Blues Revue Shot Down Burn Out
26 Riot and The Blues Devils Howling at the Moon The Roxboro Session
27 Little Victor ft. Kim Wilson & Big Jon Atkinson Country Boy Deluxe Lo-Fi
28 Russell deCarle Lock, Stock and Sorrows Alone in this Crowd
29 Kris Lager Band Pickin' Up The Pieces Love Songs & Life Lines
30 Cathy Hutch Know It All Free Wheelin'
31 Kid Ramos All Your Love Old School