Episode 98 originally aired July 29 to August 5, 2018

  Artist Song Album
1 Baza Ain't It A Shame Reeds, Strings, Blues & Rags
2 Baza Drop Down Mama Reeds, Strings, Blues & Rags
3 Becky Barksdale Son of a Preacher Man - single - 
4 Becky Barksdale You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover The 2120 Sessions
5 Big Head Blues Club The Same Thing Way Down Inside
6 Big Head Blues Club You Need Love Way Down Inside
7 Big Joe Shelton Got So Hot Ridin' A Chicken
8 Big Joe Shelton Put the Chairs in the Wagon Ridin' A Chicken
9 Bobby Black Hat Walters Nursery Rhyme Accidental Blues
10 Bobby Black Hat Walters Sixteen Years Blues On
11 Bobby Kyle Daily Bread It's My Life
12 Bobby Kyle Tomorrow Night It's My Life
13 Chastity Brown Banjo Blues Long Way
14 Chastity Brown House Been Burnin' Long Way
15 Daniel De Vita Poor Black Mattie Southside Blues
16 Daniel De Vita You Got Me Where You Want Me Southside Blues
17 Front Porch Roots Revue Caveman Sugar Cube
18 Front Porch Roots Revue Eye of the Hurricane Sugar Cube
19 Gary Cain Band Girl's Too Rich Twangedelik Bluesophunk
20 Gary Cain Band Last Dance Twangedelik Bluesophunk
21 Gino Baronelli Hey Lil Mama Blues You Can't Refuse
22 Gino Baronelli Take My Blues To Town Blues You Can't Refulse
23 Gitlo Lee Coming Outta The Hole Comin' Outta The Hole
24 Gitlo Lee Joe Brown Comin' Outta The Hole
25 Guy King If the Washing Don't Get You Truth
26 Guy King See Saw Truth