Episode 106 originally aired September 16 to 23, 2018

  Artist Song Album
1 The Earls of Leicester Flint Hill Special Rattle & Roar
2 Cassie Keenum & Rick Randlett Seventh Day Haunted
3 Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip Last Train To Memphis Ain't Bad Yet
4 Reverend Freakchild Hippie Bluesman Blues Dial It In!
5 Ruz Guitar's Blues Revue Shot Down Burn Out
6 Little Victor ft. Kim Wilson & Big John Atkinson Country Boy Deluxe Lo-Fe
7 Orphan Jon Cold Man Blues Abandoned No More
8 Jay Kipps Band Big Old Engine How To Polish Your Longhorns
9 Jay Willie Blues Band Sinner's Prayer Jay Walkin'
10 Blue Room Please Come Home Blue Room
11 Sara Lee Runaway Bride Heart Of Stone
12 Big Black Bible Blues Band Capsized Holy Roller Woman
13 Milligan Vaughan Project Dangerous Eyes MPV
14 Wentus Blues Band Frog Leg Man Throwback
15 Pura Fe River People Sacred Seed
16 Portishead Sour Times Dummy
17 Sue Foley Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair The Ice Queen
18 Kings & Associates Tales Of A Rich Girl Tales Of A Rich Girl
19 Willie Dixon Walking The Blues The Blues Vol 3
20 Mama Blue Closer To Free Mama Blue
21 Felix Stussi Monkey Talk Les Malcommodes Invitent
22 Gus Spenos She Walked Right In It's Lovin' I Guarantee
23 Brooks Williams Mama's Song Lucky Star
24 Nina Massara Impossible To Resist Watch Me
25 Guitar Jack Wargo You Don't Feel The Same Keepin' It Real
26 Dead Man's Whiskey This Fight Under The Gun
27 Douglas Watson When You Got A Heartache Broken Hearted Man
28 Kauffey Temple Cheshire Moon Honey Be
29 Ruby Roots Don't Talk About It Don't Talk About It
30 Hymn For Her Milkweed Drive Til U Die
31 Altered Five Blues Band On My List To Quit Charmed & Dangerous
32 Rick L Blues Goodluck On My Side Goodluck On My Side