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Two years ago GMA Network (The Philippines premier television network) won two New York Communicator Awards.
One of them was for the interview they did with me when I was introduced as Lola in Blue's Clues & You! Finally we meet in person!
Cheri Domingo thanks for the brunch and conversation. Hope we can do it again next time you're in town.

Cheri Domingo



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As an actor, I never know how far or how deep the characters I play can touch someone's life.
There comes a certain responsibility when playing a role. I am glad that I will make someone's day a little brighter.

From the blog page "Diary Of A Mom"...

Cheri Domingo

A few months ago, I wrote about how much Brooke loved a new character that they had introduced on Blue’s Clues: Josh’s grandma, Lola, who is from the Philippines.

For the record, I wrote, Brooke loves Josh but she absolutely ADORES his lola. She tells me that if they were ever to meet, she’s sure that Lola would say, 'Mahal kita, my beautiful Brooke!' (For those who don’t speak Tagalog, mahal kita means 'I love you.')

In an episode called 'Feelin Filipino,' Josh introduced us to Lola’s favorite dessert, an ice-creamy extravaganza called halo-halo. Not long after the episode aired, I found a cafe here in Boston that served it, and Brooke, who has a very tough time trying new foods, gave it a shot.

When I posted the photos of our halo-halo adventure, something pretty magical happened. Carolyn Fe, the actress who plays Lola, responded.

'Hi Brooke,' she wrote. 'My goodness you look so beautiful with your top that matches the colors of the halo-halo. I hope you enjoyed the halo-halo which is my favorite treat. Yummm! Have a great day and I know you know ... mahal kita!'

It was quite a moment here in the Wilson house.

Brooke’s 20th birthday is at the end of this month. She can be surprisingly hard to shop for. Given that she’s loved the same few things for a VERY long time, one tends to run out of variations on the theme. But I had an idea.

I reached out to Ms. Fe. I told her that Brooke’s birthday was coming. And I asked if perhaps she might be willing to send our girl a little love. Her response was pure, unadulterated Lola.

Y’all, when I tell you that I cried when I saw what she sent, I mean I CRIED. When that lovely woman looked right into the camera and said, 'Mahal kita, my beautiful Brooke! I love you!' I lost it.

A couple of years ago, just after I‘d connected with Blue’s co-creator, Traci Paige Johnson, I wrote, 'There’s always been something so magical about Blue’s Clues in this house - a palpable, joy-filled energy that bounces off the screen, lights up my kid, and coats everything in the room with its warm, comforting glow. After even the briefest interactions with its creators, it’s clear where that comes from, and that it’s very, very genuine.

Brooke has always had an amazing talent for finding and surrounding herself with exceptionally good people. She sniffs them out and draws them in and because of her, my world, too, is now populated by the very best of souls.'

It is indeed. To Ms. Fe, I can’t possibly thank you enough for your kindness and generosity and LOVE. May it all come back to you in a million different ways. I do have just have one question though ....

How on earth am I going to wait another 18 days before I show Brooke the video????

(To everyone else, I’ll manage, so if you know Brooke, please keep the secret with me. No telling!)

{image is a screenshot from the video of Carolyn Fe, (Lola) smiling into the camera.}