You're craving for something something old, something new, sometimes borrowed and definitely, a different hue? Tune in to Carolyn Fe's syndicated show Unsung and On The SideTwo hours and six times/week of Blues, Jazz and it’s derivatives (folk, country, rockabilly, cajun, etc) from around the globe and just around the corner. Songs rarely heard, from the very first recordings all the way to indie artists who consciously push the envelope to the next generation sounds of their musical genre; some older releases will definitely be spun - just because the album is old, doesn't mean it's gotta be unsung and on the side.

Weekly Broadcast Schedule and Stations: You can listen from your smart device or from your desktop.

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Monday 18h (US-EDT) / 15h (US-PST) / 23h (UK & Ireland) / 09h (Tuesday, Australia AEDT)
Wednesday 04h (US-EDT) / 01h (US-PST) / 09h (UK & Ireland) / 19h (Australia AEDT)
Saturday 10h (US-EDT) / 07h (US-PST) / 15h (UK & Ireland) / 01h (Sunday, Australia AEDT)

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Monday 05h (UK) / 00h (US-EDT) / 09h (US-PST) /  16h (Australia AEDT)
Thursday 17h (UK) / 12h (US-EDT) / 09h (US-PST) / 03h (Friday, Australia AEDT)
Saturday 09h (UK Time) / 04h (US-EDT) / 01h (US-PST) / 19h (Australia AEDT)

Message to Artists: If you have a CD of your original material that fits the premise of the show, I'd love to listen to it and maybe give it a spin or two, drop me a line with a downloadable link. Don't forget to include a one-page bio. Click here >> Message to Carolyn Fe