Holy smokes! I've missed a month and it's already mid-February!

Hope you all had a good holiday season and that you're all revving in your projects. The fruits of my labour from last summer is now up and out. Funkytown, the movie, hit the screen beginning of this month but I still haven't seen it. TV appearances on a couple of mini-series are also out...but alas, I'm not home in time to see them.

I am back working a day job earning the cash to pay for the production of the upcoming CD and maybe even a theatrical production. It's been a long time but the theatre in me is starting to itch. Yep, that's the glorious life of an indie artist. At least for me, since I don't believe in grant applications I have to make my own way. So with that all said, I don't have much time to kick back and relax -and that's the way I like it.

Lots of songs have been written with my band mates. We even have enough for 2 albums since we keep on cranking out the new tunes. But hey, one thing at a time.

Speaking of band mates, here's something quite exciting, we have a new member is our group, Mr. Oisin Little, our new bassist. Oisin (pronounced “Machine” without the “M”) hails from UK. Londoner born and bred, he's been playing guitar and bass since a teenager.  With a penchant for anything with a funky-blues feel, Oisin was grooving on Freddie King and Donny Hathaway while others were checking out Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten. His favourite bassists would have to be Jerry Jemmot and Tommy Cogbill. Before moving to Canada in the late 90's, Oisin was an instigator of the London "Rare Groove / Acid Jazz" scene of the 1980's.  He even played with Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) and Seal (before he went Mega). He claims to have a poor sense of rhythm but from our rehearsals, he certainly got the band grooving and not grovelling.

Come out and meet our newest member when we celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 at the Lion D'Or. We'll be on our nines to give you a rougher-edgier and feel to our songs. Did I mention that we will be LEAKING some of the new tunes? Well, we are. :-)

If you can't make it on March 8, come out to Le Balcon on March 31st in Old Montreal (or any of the gigs in between, for that matter). Le Balcon is a smaller, more intimate venue and you can meet us up close and personal.  The delivery of the songs will have an ever-so-slight softer feel. Either way, bring your dance shoes. I'll be looking out for you.

Cheers...and Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there.