Feb 9 / 2007

Hey! Welcome to my site.

The past months have proven to be quite busy. I'll be taking on the role of a Cambodian mother in a short indie film called "La Caque Sens Toujours Les Harengs" - French film, but my lines are all Khmer - subtitled in French. Now THAT is a challenge. I'm being coached for Khmer accents & speech patterns, it's not an easy language. It'll be shown on French TV, Canal Savoir, May 2007 and will be on reruns all throughout the summer.

Speaking of TV & reruns, I'm on the Comedy Channel. Check out the reruns of the 2006 Just For Laughs Festival. The Ed Byrne Gala & The John Cleese Gala. In the Ed Byrne Gala, I play the role of "Consuela", a housekeeper with an attitude! Quite funny, if I do say so myself.

Finally, the band - DD Swank what can I say, her legend still lives on. Due to some rehearsal scheduling problems with band members, we've had to re-work ourselves from a fully plugged band, to an acoustic blues/jazz trio. A blessing in disguise, this now gives our customers the option for their events - plugged or unplugged, we can now accommodate a wider range of audiences.