May 2018 - Still Holding My Breath

May 12:  Rough Justice produced by Lakeshore Players Dorval opened May 10th. There was a standing ovation at the end of the play.  All went as I had planned, the character that I added - a Bailiff, had the room under control and the audience listened to his instructions.  They stood when he told them to and more importantly, the raised their hand to give their verdict. Opening night was a hung jury, 2nd night was a guilty verdict. Every night will be a different verdict from the  There were folks in the production team who had doubts but that is on them. I was confident in my choices and kept my opinions within a trusted few about their insecurities.  Their choice of play, their choice of director made this production "different" as I was repeatedly told. Opening night audiences showed their appreciation and took moments with me to let me know how refreshing the staging and direction was.  So now, it is for the actors to evolve my vision and to keep doing their magic, which I know they will. The play goes on until May 19th, get your tickets > Lakeshore Players Dorval

Next on the agenda is a quick trip to Toronto to meet with Playwright Judith Thompson and to see her latest creation, After The Blackout. I am looking forward to this because the cast is definitely part of what theatre today is striving for - Diversity.

While I am in Toronto, I will be checking out apartments, feeling the vibe of the city, making more decisions about the type of work I will want to do s I continue on looking for gigs in theatre, film, TV and of course, music.  Changes. Yes, changes.  One thing is for sure, any job I will take will no longer be in the corporate world.  

In parallel to all that is happening, I continue to prepare the launch of my 4th album.

With that...I am still holding by breath. Anxious, excited, scared (yes, scared - because there are moments when I question what and why am I doing all my this time). What will my new normal be?