July 2018 - Turning a page

July 23: They're comin' in, they're comin' in! Reviews of the album so far have been quite favorable click >> reviews I am quite excited about what the media has been saying. As you know, this album "Sugat Ko" is me dropping my sari. So even if I have a thick skin and can accept criticisms, I admit it feels good when folks accept "me" in song and music. Phew! I know that not all will like it as it isn't for the Blues purist, but for now I am grateful.

July 11:  The mail-outs of the new CD is almost done. Stations are starting to spin tunes, some stations even spin 3 songs at a time. I am getting positive feedback behind the scenes from the DJs and radio hosts. Looking forward to the general public's feedback when the release is done on August 1st

July 8:  Where do I start. I've been keeping it quiet for a long time now but it has happened. Georges Durst passed away July 5th.  It's been years he's been fighting cancer; years of treatments, years of strong willed fight. He went to work everyday and once, during a photo session we asked him if he would retire...maybe in Florida or something. He guffawed and said, "Florida is a place where retired people go to die. I still have too many things to do." To his last day we was working, even when on his bed. My quiet moments with him were more precious than ever. He claimed to have made peace and surrendered. Did he really? I told him many times that I loved him. His response was for me to keep the name of House of Jazz going, once a month to step up on stage and continue to entertain. My response, I will keep your name alive.  Flashbacks of when I worked in administration. He would call meetings at anytime. Yeah, he was a workaholic but so was I. I never missed a meeting he called no matter what time of the day or night or day of the week. I rushed from the studio to his home and made it in time to say goodbye. When they finally took him away, I sat alone in the quiet of his living room looking at the ficus tree. It shed one leaf and fell gently onto the chair. I will take it as your goodbye to me. We've come a long way since my 16th birthday, Georges Durst. Rest in power my boss, my colleague, my friend, Mr. D. I will miss you. This is a difficult page to turn.