Carolyn Fe was born to a family of entrepreneurs, whose enterprising spirit has clearly influenced her. Moving to Canada at a time before cultural diversity was ‘de rigueur’ and being the only Asian family in a predominantly white, Francophone neighborhood, Carolyn learned to negotiate from the sidelines at an early age and it has been her strength ever since.

She was a professional contemporary dancer touring, choreographing for her own professional dance company and was commissioned to choreograph for various dance companies locally and internationally until her mid-twenties.  The 1980's brought out the entrepreneur in her blood. She owned and operated a dance school offering classical ballet, tap, jazz and aerobics classes to hopeful dancers of all ages.  1990's brought Carolyn to the corporate realm where she is an accredited professional with her own consulting firm, CFT Inc.

As a triple-carded professional actor (ACTRA, UdA, CAEA), Carolyn has been gracing the stage and camera in various theatrical productions, TV and movie spots. Altera Vitae Productions is her own theatre production company, a non-profit organization where each theatrical presentation is partnered with a community organization whose mandate is similar to the theme of the play. Altera Vitae Productions aims to assist the community organization with its public awareness program.

As a singer, Carolyn fronted the band DD Swank and, for four years, sang under the pseudonym of Mama B, singing in French, English and Spanish. However, the urge to go on her own tugged strongly at her heartstrings.

Carolyn Fe continues to push the envelope and stretch her artistic talents into a singing/songwriting career. Her current band is Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, which was founded in 2008. Within weeks of the release of the debut EP entitled "100%", the songs immediately joined the play lists of various online and on-air radio stations.  Positive feedback flows as the songs remain alive at worldwide.  The collective continued to establish its presence in the Montreal Blues scene, having launched their first full-length CD entitled "Original Sin" to packed houses on two nights in August 2011 with the result being the winner of Quebec's Lys Blues 2012 for Best Blues Album & Associated Styles, Quebec Lys Blues Nominee for Best Female Artist for four years in a row (2012 to 2015)! As well, the album was nominated for Best International Release by Blues 411(USA). The 3rd album, Bad Taboo, released in May 2014 spread like wildfire receiving international air play, more nominations and awards including USA's Jimi Award for Best International Release and placing #8 on the Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Album of the Year!  The album includes a collaboration with Shun Kikuta (Queen of the Blues, Koko Taylor's former guitarist) on the title track along with Guy Belanger on two tracks.

As Bad Taboo continues to gain momentum, Carolyn Fe forges ahead working on the next album and on new projects. The latest project being, Jazz Mode, her jazz project.  In a trio format with two of Montreal's jazz staples, Paul Shrofel (Piano) and Al McLean (Sax), Carolyn Fe in a Jazz Mode debuted to a full house on November 2015 at the legendary Upstairs Jazz Bar during the venue's 20th anniversary.

Carolyn Fe has shared the stage with musical icons from different genres; Danny Marks, Ranee Lee, Jackie Richardson, Michele Sweeney, Shakura S'aida, Dawn Tyler Watson, Angel Forrest, Julian Fauth, Kim Richardson, Cheryl Lescom and many more. A highly versatile, well-rounded performer, Carolyn possesses the deep soul of an artist who has lived on the fringe for most of her life, and made the most of it as the true innovator she is, giving her performances on stage, front of the camera, music and lyrics an insight and depth that cannot be imitated.  Check out what the Media, Blues Fans and Jazz Fans say about Carolyn Fe.

When not gracing the stage or working in the studio, Carolyn Fe likes to pay things forward by volunteering at various charitable organizations. But her regular gigs are at two women's shelters, Chez Doris and Le Chainon, where she provides the ladies with hair styling services twice a month.

Carolyn hosts a syndicated radio show called Unsung and On The Side. Two hours of Blues, Jazz and it’s derivatives (folk, country, rockabilly, etc) from around the globe and just around the corner. Songs rarely heard from the very first recordings all the way to indie artists who consciously push the envelope to the next generation sounds of their musical genre; some older releases will definitely be spun - just because the album is old, doesn't mean it's gotta be unsung and on the side.

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