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by Martin Sherman

A story of acceptance, tolerance and love
in the wrong time and the wrong place.

Martin Sherman's worldwide hit play took London by storm in 1979 when it was first performed by the Royal Court Theatre, with Ian McKellan. The play itself caused an uproar. "It educated the world," Sherman explains. "People knew about how the Third Reich treated Jews, and, to some extent, gypsies and political prisoners but very little had come out about their treatment of homosexuals." Gays were arrested and interned at work camps prior to the genocide of Jews gypsies and handicapped, and continued to be imprisoned even after the fall of the Third Reich and liberation of the camps. The play highlights a largely ignored German law, Paragraph 175, making homosexuality a criminal offense, which Hitler reactivated and strengthened during his rise to power. Altera Vitae Productions' version also focus on the unconditional understanding and acceptance of self and others.

Directed by Carolyn Fe
Featuring: Vance De Waele, Christopher Moore, Adam Leblanc, Yves Jacquier, Serge Turcotte and Mark Waters.
Stage Manager: Anne-Marie Pierre
Sound Design: Dan Legault
Light Design: Scott Drysdale
Fight Choreography: Oliver Koomsatira

Altera Vitae produces works of theatre that engage and service the community. With each new production, the company partners itself with a valuable organization whose mandate is similar to themes in the current play.
For BENT, Altera Vitae supports GRIS , an organization that demystifies homosexuality by providing
a safe and accepting environment for youth. This year, GRIS celebrates 15 years of service to the community.