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A director once told me that it was their job to let the interpreter interpret the piece. Yeah! Oh Yeah! Lines, lines, lines! Who said that acting was easy? On the whole, it’s fun but when the directors’ gets down and dirty with hard work, ouch! “Fun” is the furthest thing from my mind. I gotta be honest. Memorizing lines is not my most favorite activity. Giving an honest interpretation of the script is hard work. It’s like trying to read someone’s mind and then making as if it was your mind you’re trying to read…get it? I give my interpretation of what the writer and director seeks all the while maintaining a true connection to my gut instinct. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging the art. Contrary to what others may think, acting is quite a challenge. It is a great job and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything.

You may have seen me in the 2006 Just For Laughs Galas with John Cleese and Ed Byrne. By the time you read this, they will be on re-runs at the Comedy Channels and anywhere else they showcase the Just For Laughs Festival.

Here’s a sampling of a couple of theatre pieces to wet your whistle:

Miss Orient(ed), a double edged comedy written by Nadine Villasin & Nina Aquino, produced & staged by Teesri Duniya Theatre. This production won Best Play 2005 for the Montreal Mirror. With a cast 5 women, this original play was hailed as the same flavor of “Mambo Italiano” a la Filipino. It brought the audience into the complex relationships between mother and daughter – adding to that the complications of being a new Canadian. The production broke box and we played to standing room only. It was also my come back to the stage after 18 years of corporate life. Cast in a triple role, I took on the challenge of portraying 3 very different mothers! Talk about costume changes and speech pattern changes. Here’s some critiques:

Conching the mother

Mae Day, written by Elda Pappada, co-produced & staged by Egg On Productions & Village Scene Productions. Ahh! How can we forget that our fair city of Montreal is Festival Center of Canada! This play was premiered at the Montreal Fringe Festival... Remember, I said “Fringe”. Cast in the lead role of Mae, a bawdy chanteuse male strip club impresario, this piece of theatre had a dominatrix, a rodeo clown and a 1970’s stripper who’s “best before date“ has long expired. The stripper’s egos collide and crash as they vie for Mae’s acceptance. The play also featured my singing as well as my DD Swank partner in crime - Yves Jacquier’s musical arrangements. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there was no nudity in this play. Take a gander at some of the audiences’ comments found on the Fringe Buzz

Aside from some technical glitches it's a must see!

”Mae Day is nasty "FRINGING" on the XXX and right back to "fringing" on the nasty. Wanna see Mae West at her best? DD Swank's singer, Carolyn-Fe Trinidad delivers the goods! She plays with her men like a cat plays with catnip. “

“Bravo to Carolyn-Fe Trinidad! Not only can this woman can act! She can sing too! WOW! She filled the room with all sorts of "dirty" goodies. Got a boner just seeing her walk on stage! Asia's answer to Mae West!” 

”Only at the Fringe can we see such gems! … Last but not the least, Carolyn-Fe Trinidad, who filled the room with the airs of Mae West in modern times! There's no holds barred with this woman! She took this piece from foreplay to climax all the way to a nice with a "cigarette" & martini.”

Monster, , written by Neil Bell, produced & staged by Fallen Angel Productions. This play is based on Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein”. – The tragedy. Cast in a double role, I played “Justine” & “Mother”, we played to full houses for it’s entire 2-week run at the Monument National. The box office even had to refuse people. This play also marked my debut as a dramatic actress – breaking out of the stereotyped comedic roles. As a result of this play, it looks like it won’t be the last dramatic role I’ll be playing. Thanks to the producers of Fallen Angel Productions’ Frances Balenzano & George Tucci. Check out some comments: The Hour