my debut directorship for the play, “Almost Blue” written by Keith Reddin. We’ll be putting that up November 2008 and I look forward to announcing the charitable partner Altera Vitae Productions will be working with to help out in their awareness campaign.

While I study and ruffle through the pages of “Almost Blue”, we are also prepping for our 3rd production, “Death and the Maiden”. Auditions are being held May 9-10-11, 2008 for the 2 male roles as well as communicating with the potential charitable partner. More on that in due time….needless to say, I am not acting much on a live stage due to the production projects on my plate.

Musically, about 2 weeks ago I decided to take a vacation from my band DD Swank. It’s been 4 years and I felt the need to catch a bit of fresh air and see what it’s like to be out there on my own. For all you DD Swank fans out there, I did not leave the band. It’s just a short break to refresh myself. I recorded an 8 song demo and am using it to get out there with gigs backed up by some great players – veterans in the local music scene. It’s been fun! I am cushioned in my comfort zone of styles: Blues, Jazz…and yes, Country! You can check out my sampler on the following sites: Reverbnation or Myspace. It’s just a teaser but the sites will keep you posted on a couple of upcoming gigs. There are a couple coming up in June. Hope to see you there!