We just finished recording 3 new songs at OSS Media. What a great recording studio that is! The Chief Engineer is really great! He's a musician himself so he really knows what to look for and what to tweak. You can get a sample of our new songs at www.myspace.com/ddswank.

As all that is happening, I've started rehearsals for the 2007 Montreal Fringe Festival. This year, I'll be playing the role of Big Black Supa Momma in "The Procrastin8r" written by Lateef Martin and directed by Mike Payette. Quite an interesting play about a young man trying to decide where he belongs. It's being produced by Youthworks, a division of the Black Theatre Workshop. We'll be playing at Geordie Theatre. You can check out the venue address & more Fringe Information at: www.montrealfringe.ca.

Lastly, I've come to a bittersweet decision to resign from my agent. All good things must sometime come to an end. So for now, I'm self-represented as I work things out in the backstage (wink, wink)...yup, there's alot of stuff happening but I'll let you in on it in time.