August 26: Sometimes the awards and accolades give me the boost I need to go on when times get tough. Most of the time the awards and accolades do not matter. Not everything is front stage and center. Quite often it is behind the scenes where what matters most happens; the multiple offers to work, collaborate with people and move forward because one continues to create, develop and share one's art. To be able to live with and through one's art. To be able to have a roof over my head and food on the table because of my art is a bucket list check.

August 14: 30 minutes. 30 minutes from a mentor's precious time. 30 minutes speaking words of courage, perseverance and release. 30 minutes knowing that this is the last time I hear my mentor's voice. 30 minutes of complete silence on my part to soak in e-v-e-r-y single word because as their voice weakens, their love ingrains into the very heart of my being, making it part of me. 30 minutes that they DID NOT HAVE TO DO for me but chose to do it. I am grateful. I am sad. I am lost for now, overwhelmed by emotions, but I will rise.

In 30 minutes, this is the gift that was given to me:
1. Stay real, stay true;
2. Stay away from the game. People play games of how well they are doing, they are not;
3. Stay away from those who would do anything to get attention;
4. Mind your own business and the business will come to you;
5. Sing, Act, Dance, Paint, Write - Do it all because you can. You are not one dimensional. All this is you, all this makes you unique;
6. You will have it tough because they can't put you in a box;
7. Be wary of experts, they only know one thing and nothing beyond their box. Use them well;
8. Live on your own terms, you will attract those who are strong enough to be with you because they too are doing the same;
9. Keep pushing your envelope.

August 10:  My birthday has come and gone.  57.  Sugat Ko has been released. Click here >  #4  Reviews are positive about the work and I am grateful, because this is an acknowledgement of me. Click here > Media and Click here > Fan Mail.  I am meeting interesting people, making new contacts and getting ready for another theatre gig. Musical collaborations are ongoing with Finland and I am looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labour with you. But here is one thing I have rarely done before as I am used to doing it all by myself, I find that I am now unconsciously or subconsciously making lists. I am feeling my time shorter. Here is my bucket list as of today, in no particular order. It is short for now, but who knows there might be more added to the list:

1. Find an agent for the band;
2. Tour the band;
3. Get another 10 albums out there;
4. At least 2 plays / year in the next 5 years;
5. Play the "bad guy" in a film, TV or play;
6. Travel and I mean, trrraaavel: Mexico, Philippines, Europe;
7. Complete the play I am writing;
8. Create one last piece of choreography and have it filmed;
9. Sleep well;
10. Keep well;
11. Keep doing;
12. Remain grateful until my last breath.