December 4:  It was a hectic November and it spills on to December; good things happened and not so happy times.  A cousin, on my paternal side, passed away. I specify paternal as I've only rediscovered them about 10 years ago. Thank goodness for Facebook. If anything, that connection was most important as I haven't has much exposure to my paternal side.

On the work front, I was on the go with both artistic worlds and a corporate contract at a most interesting high-tech company. My 4th album goes into mastering next week. I've finally decided on a title - a Tagalog word that I will divulge once everything is done. A short documentary on the band is finally done and I still have to do the photo shoot for the album. Oh! I've started on a 5th album, an EP - we're going into the studio to record next week; but more on that later. I am looking for an agent for my band. It's getting a bit too much for me to handle both the production and the management/booking side of things. I do hope I find one in the new year. After all that would make 2 albums that I will be releasing.

For now, I am counting down the days until I move to Toronto on a temporary basis to work on Calpurnia by Audrey Dwyer. Learning lines, learning lines...getting the character into my system, becoming the character. I'll also be back at the Phi Center to reprise my roll in Believe Your Eyes, that virtual reality play I did at the end of Summer. I did a film shoot just last week; a grandmother who made a very difficult decision - but I'll let you know more when the film is out.

My online radio show, Unsung and On The Side, is going great. I've been maintaining now for 65 episodes! Every week, I receive new material for indie Blues musicians. I've been receiving Jazz, Country, Folk, Rockabilly as well and this, from all over the world. There are so many, so many great talents out there that fit the premise of the show. I listen to all that come in and try the best that I can to give them all a spin. Listeners have been chiming in as well, telling me that they like what they hear on my shows; that they too like to join in on the discovery of new artists. Who would have thought that I'd be able to maintain the show for almost a year and a half, and still get quite the excitement when I hear something new!

But for now, I have to get back to memorizing lines. I will try to keep you posted as much as I can.

December 5:  So, I'm backstage at Believe Your Eyes at the Phi Center. I am looking at a fellow actor and there's something that I couldn't pinpoint. I asked him if, in the 1980's - the Disco days, he's worked with a certain producer. He immediately looked at me and said my real name. WOW! 1981 it was when Mario Diamond and I worked together with Alain Montpetit, Freddie James, his sister Roslyn, his mother Geraldine Hunt along with so many other artists that I cannot think of their names. I was still a dancer in those days and he clearly remembered a lot of things we did. At one point, we even busked on the streets! Full Circle Sweetness...and to continue reunions, on my last show at the House of Jazz, I reunited with a fellow dance class mate. What a gift. Thank you, Universe!

December 14:  It's DONE! IT IS DONE!! Album #4 is complete, titled, mastered and ready to go to print...oh wait! I have a play in Toronto to do and I still have to do the photo shoot for the album cover.  We've recorded album #5 as well! DANG! It's a productive month. I am counting every minute, budgeting every decision, action and move I make to optimize the last few hours at home before I leave for Toronto to start work on the play. I haven't packed yet. Two months worth of stuff to pack. OY! But I will be back - overnight - to bring in the New Year at the House of Jazz.

December 23:  Bitter and Sweet it is. Today ended the 1st week of rehearsals. It was quite an intensive week of discovery - about the play, about how I am to interpret the Playwright/Director's words. I don't have a lot of lines but my presence on the stage is non stop. If I compare it to music, it is the ever so important silence between the notes; the rests, the breaths, the hold - even the repetition of the moves. Then there is the ever so efficient process of the production. What can I say, these are professionals. They are on the ball understanding the actors' process as well as the parameters of the play.

...and then the end of the day when I was told the my grandmother in-law passed away in her sleep yesterday. This woman loved me from the moment she met me. Accepted me into her family. We took her to Chalifoux ice cream during the summer. It was our moment with her. Simple pleasures. She liked vanilla ice cream. I will miss you, Gramma.