July 1:  Spent the day with Oisin recording vocals for the album yesterday. We did 4 songs! It was a good day.
July 4:  Spent an afternoon with a movie producer. Agreed that my music will go in the film. More to come. Going from point to point, doing what has to be done.
July 6:  That inherent need and want to belong, knowing you don't but keeping on doing what has to be done. Finding pockets of people, places and things that feel somewhat like home...and I exhale realizing the question of, how can I fit when I have too much on my plate. All is good again and I smile, bow my head and continue on.
July 9:  Celebrated 1st year anniversary with my (new) stage husbands with a great show. Lots of hot nastiness on the stage happened to mark the year. Goodness...what happened to me?!
July 11:  Thank you, Universe for giving me the ways and means to keep doing what I like to do. Trudging, knocking on doors, pushing what seems to be mountains, following through - and then doors open, as if it was a miracle. I am forever grateful.
July 14:  Last minute changes are all part of life as long as there is a long term plan. Otherwise, we're all going nowhere fast.
July 23:  Envelopes pushed, deadlines, new beginnings again. I smile. I exhale.