June 23: #grateful that I have found my footing again. For the longest time, I seemed to have lost the "burn" but it is back now and the universe has replied. Projects and gigs are coming up faster than I can update on the calendar. I am booked until Summer 2018! Click here >> Show Calendar

June 13:  Mid month. Already! I have a lot to be grateful for. Summer is definitely here (at least for the past 2 days, it has been in the 30C - 35C range). I've got gigs booked: TV, Film & Video shoots, Music & Theatre gigs (in and out of town), Recording sessions are continuing. New projects are coming up and will be announced in due time. What more can I ask for? I have 4 great musicians invested in the album with their talents, scripts to memorise...I feel like the phoenix rising #ilovemyjob #actorslife #keepingLiveMusicAlive