May 20: So far, May has been quite weird with the weather. Cold days - even snow! Then hot summer-like days. I've been hitting the road quite with the guys. The 12th of this month marked the last of the residency at Toronto's The Boxing Loft Social Club.  I got to know Emile, the owner quite intimately and learned of his life's perseverance to stake his claim.  It is quite inspiring. 

Then on the way home, the 14th of May we had a show at the newly renovated, Royal Theatre Thousand Islands - formerly known as the Delaney Theatre in Gananoque, Ontario. All I can say is WOW! Beautifully restored! Community supported! Artist friendly! Technically speaking, we were the 2nd show of the season for this theatre that caters to the Summer vacationing crowds (because Gananoque - Thousand Islands is a beautiful town to visit in the Summer). But as we stood behind the curtains and the announcement was made to turn cell phones off as the show was about to start. I felt a different level of nervousness. It was as if it was the first time I've ever stepped on stage again. I think I found a new home. The curtains opened and you know what they say, pictures say a thousand words. Here is the wonderful experience that the Royal Theatre is! Photos >> The Royal Gig. We will be back in August 25th so don't forget to get your tickets (online purchase) >> Tickets for The Royal Theatre Thousand Islands