March 2017 - And the Beat Goes On

March 19: In one week, we lost James Cotton and Chuck Berry. Mr. Berry - Touted as the father of rock and roll, I truly believe that almost every guitar solo has his spirit. I can only imagine the challenges he faced to ink his spot in history: Different. Edgy. Not mainstream. I know that other stations will be spinning Mr. Berry's tunes, and rightfully so. But in his honor, and in the honor of all the artists that have made their mark in music history and in our lives, I will continue to spin those artists today (and yesterday) who are >> Unsung and On The Side << because that is where all the real cool "kids" are. I am sure that Mr. Berry, James Cotton, David Bowie, Leornard Cohen and so many others who are no longer with us would want it that way. As well, in their honor - go out and see live music, go out and discover a new band or a new artist. Take a risk, because Mr. Berry and the others certainly did.

March 13: Two songs! I got two songs edited, mixed, completed and filed for the next album. Eight more to go! It has been a long time coming and the anticipation in me grows with every rehearsal and session I have with my stage hubbies. It feels good to hear my words put into music, to work with a fine group of gentlemen who listen to what I hear when we create the soundscape of the song, and to collaborate. I still have it in mind to launch the album in September 2017 but for now, creativity takes precedence and moments of silence is golden.

We hit the road once again this month to Toronto. This is quite exciting as we continue to make new friends, new contacts and gain new following. It's honored to have been invited to Epidemic Music Group's official Guinness World Record attempt to break the longest concert held by multiple artists. The world record is currently held by Las Vegas. With over 100 volunteers and approximately 400 bands and artists, this is an event that coincides with Canada's 150th Birthday, all the while raising money for charities! Starting March 17 - Get your dose of 24 hrs of music over 16 days for 16 Charities to break the Guinness World Record.  More info on the show tab of my website click on >> SHOWS

My radio show  >> Unsung and On The Side is going strong. A note to my listeners on the other side of the globe, we recently had the time change to Daylight Savings Time (EDT) here in North America, my apologies if the posted schedule on my website is inaccurate (corrections are being made), I'll get the hang of this eventually. Big thanks to the indie musicians from around the word who send in their music to be discovered. Big smile and my sincere gratitude to the listeners who appreciate something old, something new, sometimes borrowed and definitely, a different hue.

Patrons, musicians, music fans and the community at large gathered together to help out one of Toronto's legendary venue, Hugh's Room, by being generous with their hearts and wallets to help make sure that the venue goes on to provide a home for musicians and a great place for music fans to enjoy live music. I have never seen such support and love to #keepLiveMusicAlive. It makes me wonder if communities in other cities would step up in the same manner. To keep up with the news, here's the link to >>  Hugh's Room for the Performing Arts