December 2016 - Finally

December 22:  It's way too early for me to be up at this ungodly hour because I only went to bed an couple of hours ago. Last night was my gig at L'Escalier-Montreal.  The place has a great atmosphere; unpretentious, down to earth, bohemian, live and let live. I always love the "young ones" who dig deep into our vibe, let loose and then we give it right back to them - no holds barred.

But what made me take a nap (when I should have been deep in REM sleep) was me taking a step back during the night's event and I had to hold myself back from hiding. Not out of shame but out of so much pride that tears would well up in my eyes. (After all, one must not ruin the make-up, right?)  There were moments I stepped off-stage to give the guys their time to shine during their solos; moments I stepped back during the break between sets and at the end of the gig as they cooled down, to watch them interact with each other. All I can say is I've never been so blessed. They are considerate, inclusive, respectful and much, much more...they care. "Thank you" and "Please" seems to be a regular part of their vocabulary. Consideration of me being an integral part of their presence was a feeling that I have missed. Yeah,'re probably thinking, "But you're the singer!" LOL - All I can tell you is that some players put you aside because "you're the singer".

The beginning of 2016 felt like the edge of my death with music. To the real friends and my hubby who backed me up and repeatedly,
     kicked my ass,
        told me to never ever give up,
           that my lyrics hit them where it counted,
             flew or drove miles from far away,
                sat me down,
                   held me together so that I can keep pushing forward,
                      told me to ignore the pain,
                         pull the weeds from my garden,
                            to get up and get it going,
                               to cry or scream into my pillow until I was exhausted,
I have this to say,
                                THANK YOU for believing in me.
                                THANK YOU for hearing my voice.
                                THANK YOU for getting me back on track.
                                THANK YOU for staying the course with me.
                                THANK YOU for turning the page with me........
                                 ......... you know who you are,
                                 ......... I will not let you down.

December 12: To have your career followed by someone in the media is quite an honor, to be interviewed by Peter Anthony Holder once again after all these years = priceless! I speak about my syndicated radio show, Unsung and On The Side. Here is the link to the interview >> The Stuph File

Peter Anthony Holder has been behind the mic for over 30 years and he had interviewed me years back when I was producing plays with my now sleeping Altera Vitae Productions.

December 3:
  Finally. I feel the end of the year fast approaching.  It's been quite the year, hasn't it? We've lost so many artists and it came in intense spurts. A sign of the times that the page must be turned.

I am excited to announce that as of December 14 my online radio show >> Unsung and On The Side, will be broadcasting from the award winning >> Schedule: Wednesday 4h (US EST) - 9h (UK) - 20h (Australia EST) and Saturday 10h (US EST) - 15h (UK & Ireland)

Unsung and On The Side remains part of Blues at RRUK network. I would like to thank Rock-Fm for getting me started on my radio shows. The last broadcast from Rock-Fm will be on the week of December 6-10.  You can always listen to past episodes on this website >> Archives