October 2016 - The Ebb and Flow

October 25:  What a rush! What a complete rush of adrenalin. FMO was a great experience. We did a showcase, met lots of new people, connected with folks I've been chatting with through social media and collected lots of new material for my radio show. DANG! There are so many good musicians out there. Quebec IS like a village compared to what is going on outside the borders. It is clear, very clear that a move is in the near future for me.

Moving on with the 4th album, I met and worked on a song with a producer who analysed line by line, asking what is the story/the meaning of each word placement and each line of the lyrics. Then repeatedly challenged me to make sure that my story the same. Then the lyrics were transposed through music and translated into the sound waves where I could actually see the intent of the song - my intent. THAT is what working with a damn good producer is all about! I've been shopping for producers and not one of them took the time to ask about the lyrics. It was all about how many solos or notes or gimmicks they could put in without consideration of the actual story - the lyrics.  Spending an afternoon at the studio with such a producer who took the time and listened to everything the song had to say was pure art! In the end, the story was told the way I heard it in my head before it was even recorded. Pure ART! Pure consideration! That producer is not only a musician, technician, sound engineer but is an artist. I cannot wait to share the music we worked on with you!

October 16: It's a rainy Sunday. The kind of day that one would like to spend in bed but with the preparations for the Folk Music Ontario showcase that I'll be doing next week, sadly I cannot do that today. So, before I get into the swing of things, I open up my email and LO AND BEHOLD hundreds of fan emails roll in! Mainly from Italy: Rome, Campino, Florence, Frascati, Monterotondo, Guidonia, Torino, Verona, Padua, Venice, Naples & Catania.  It seems that I have a huge following there thanks to the radio stations that spin my songs! What a morale booster it is to receive all those messages! I will try to answer every email - English ones first, and with the help of google translation, the Italian emails thereafter.

October 10: It's Canadian Thanksgiving...So where do I start? What a show it was at Hugh's Room! After my songs, I got calls for encore but I was already off the stage and had to respect the program and my fellow players. But it did feel really, really good to have such an acknowledgement that the audience was having a great time. Honored? Oh, I was on cloud 9! Grateful.  It was an early rise right after the Toronto gig, Muddy and The Wolf Tribute. Ottawa bound for the acoustic gig at the Atomic Rooster with Jean-Francois and Ivan. I was feeling a bit weak and I had a thick throat. Jean-Francois had it 2 weeks prior then hubby got it the week of the Toronto show.  I was bound to get it but "dag nabit" - I was determined to get through the gig.

We arrived extremely early due to a miscalculation in travel time. But it's OK, we had time to walk around, had lunch and enjoy the sights. It was our first time at Ottawa's >> Atomic Rooster and what a cozy place it is!  But seeing that it was our first time, that nervousness was very well alive in me since I was afraid that nobody would show up. That's usually what happens, we do all the promotion we can - reach out to our friends and acquaintances and hope that more than 10 show up and bring their friends. It's not an easy task to build a following. But we gotta do what we gotta do. Well - as it turns out, the house was full! The sound was great! People were DANCING, HOOOTIN' 'n HOLLERIN' FOR MORE!! We even made up a song on the spot when we found out that  an audience member was celebrating a birthday!

It was a great weekend indeed! We got home late Sunday night and that cold or flu bug that was lingering in my throat and lungs was activated to full force. I had to cancel two shows to recoup...and as I type this entry, I am still feeling the tail end of it. But onward and forward. I bit the bullet and went out to audition for a TV show at my agent's request. I think I did well even though I was under the influence of cold/flu medicines. The Casting Director certainly told me I was on the right track with my offerings. Let's see how it goes.

Then out of the blue, News Anchor/TV/Radio personality, click >> Peter Anthony Holder, reached out to me to do a slate for his show "The Stuph File". Pretty cool! The last time I did this for him was in 2009 so I am so happy he hasn't forgotten me! To listen, click here >> The Stuph File

My radio show continues on. This week is Episode 5. If you missed an episode or if you want the schedule, click here >> UNSUNG AND ON THE SIDE

I am grateful for all that is happening to me. It's still not easy but I keep plugging through the ebb and flow. One life, right? This is not a dress rehearsal. I love the opportunities that present themselves to me and I am appreciative of the closed doors that do not open as it makes me stronger and more resilient.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

October 1: It quite early in the morning. I'm in the hotel room in Toronto feeling ever so grateful that I couldn't sleep last night.  Yesterday, my acting agent had called me en route yesterday saying that I had booked a role in another American film that is to take place in Montreal in a month or so. What a high, considering that last month I got the callback from that French audition that I did and that tonight marks a reunion of me and my brothers in arms at Hugh's Room. It was four years ago today that I reached out to Toronto producer, Ross Robinson, and before you know it I became part of his musical family. Tonight is the Muddy and The Wolf Tribute at Hugh's Room. Most of the same folks will be there. Heavy weights of the music industry; Danny Marks, Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid, Dylan Wickens, Julian Fauth, Chuck D. Keeping, James Rasmussen, Douglas Watson. My radio show has been on now for at least 3 episodes and my station managers have told me that the  listener-ship is quite good and steady; that's all I can do. I've received comments and private messages of appreciation about the show. I will do all I can to keep the musical discoveries happening and promoting those who are unsung and on the side. So if you missed some episodes, they are right here >> Radio.  It's been a good few months, the ebb and flow of work, riding the waves when they come along and being quiet, doing what has to be done when they pull back. Isn't that the nature of things? Of life?