June 2016: If I paid for it in blood, sweat & tears ~ I own it.

June 27, 2016:  It was a long weekend in Quebec, Luc and I headed out toward the 401W for the Etta James Tribute concert in Barrie, Ontario. It was a long drive but I was looking forward to reuniting with the ladies and the great musicians of the tribute. It was my first time stepping up on stage at Violet's Venue and what a cozy theatre it is! On top of that, they promote Blues shows only! It was a full house and the audience was just amazing. I am so grateful to be part of Bluesin' Toronto's roster. To step up on stage with a diverse cast of singers of Cheryl Lescom, Quisha Wint, Sabrina Weeks, Crystal Shawanda (who wasn't there due to scheduling conflicts but was replaced by one of her proteges) Rebecca Miller + the stellar musicians: Danny Marks, Chuck D. Keeping, Wayne Dagenais, James Rassmussen, Mike Wark and Phil Skladowski. Click here for the >> Photos. The weekend ended with a sit down with an old friend who I've known since primary school. I cherish those rare moments as being self-employed, it's about the hustle to get the gigs - do the gigs and hustle some more. By the end of the day, I am exhausted. But the moments when I am able sit down, relax and munch on a watermelon with a friend is priceless. Friends, loved ones and watermelons are the best combination aside from the magic that happens with true artists. What a weekend that was! So as in every Monday, it's back to work. TV and movie shoots, rehearsals, auditions, gig hunting. This months blog title really hits home: I paid for it in blood, sweat & tears ~ I own it.

June 19, 2016:  It was a beautiful weekend. Sun, warm weather with a light breeze. I thought back to the event I performed at on June 16 at the Theatre National to raise funds for the families of the victims in Orlando, Florida. #MontrealisOrlando. It was an honor to have performed on the same stage with some of Quebec's legends: Patsy Gallant, Joe Bocan and more.  Click here for the >> Photos

June 16, 2016:  Going to a cast preview of a movie that I worked on last year was quite the experience. I've missed other movie screenings with my work due to scheduling constraints. It was fun seeing cast and crew again.  It was weird seeing my name up in the credits on the big screen. Les Trois Petits Cochons 2 by Chrystal Films will be out in the cinemas for the general public on July 1st.

If you're a true fan or follower I will only post the exciting news here, for now. Eventually, I will post the news on social media. I've accepted a position at an online radio station. It's a 2-hour show that will debut in September. I am very excited about this. I've been receiving artist's materials from all over the world. 

The show is called, "Unsung and On The Side". It's based on the Blues, Jazz and it's derivatives and I will focus on those talented musicians/singers/songwriter who are not part of the marketing machine or what some call, the 'in' crowd (thus the "Unsung" part of the show's title). I will also be playing songs that could be considered the "B side" of a known artist - so songs that we rarely hear on air (there we have the "On The Side" part of the show). I will also be playing some Blues artists from the musical genre's first recordings. It will be an all-round get to know the Blues and its musical spin-offs (pun intended).

So if you're a musician/singer/songwriter that has a CD out but you've been "Unsung and On The Side", send me your original material, tell me a bit about you...Click the link >> Contact me, I might just spin your tunes!

June 14, 2016:  There's a lot of insanity happening around the world and it's just too much for my brain and heart to understand why there is so much hatred. Blame it on religion? Blame it on different lifestyles? Blame it on politics? Blame it on culture, heritage, the colour of your/their skin? Blame it on education? Blame it on Media? NO. NO! There is a video of a former CIA officer that has gone viral on FB and she says that, "Everybody believes they're the good guy". What a sad and true comment this is. Think about it for a moment: sit alone with no distractions whatsoever. No radio, no TV, no newspaper, no paintings to look at, no computer-tablet-smart phone, no books, no thoughts of religion, no thoughts of race and no thoughts of sex. Sit with no clothes on and look at your bare hands. There is NOTHING. Just YOU. You as a person, as a human being, as a sentient being. Think. Do you think that for all the judgemental insults you've hurled onto someone you didn't know, throughout your life that you were good at that moment? Think. For all the times you hurt someone - anyone, in any way. Can you really say that you were the "good guy"? And for what reason? You were angry? They don't know any better? They made YOU angry? That it was beyond your control so you lashed out at the other? Why? Because they did not agree with your thinking? Your point of view? Your actions? Your beliefs? Because THEY hurt you? So you had to go ahead and make sure they felt the pain? I know that for myself, I cannot honestly say I was the good guy in those moments; regardless of my feelings, regardless of my point of view, regardless of my beliefs; when my aim was to hurt them - I was not the good guy.

For all the lives lost because difference, because of systemic persecution. I sit alone. In the end, we all sit alone.

June 1, 2016:  I came across the saying, "If you paid for something in blood, sweat and tears, ain't nothing wrong with acting like you OWN it" - Larry Griffith.  It's all about paying your dues and just when you thought you're all paid up, you gotta keep paying some more. No worries, I am loving every minute of it. There's lots of exciting stuff coming up - big news that I will be announcing in August (we still have awhile to go). In the meantime, most of June will be spent in the studio with my new band mates (aka stage hubbies) setting the play lists and getting creative with songwriting. June 25th will find me in Barrie, Ontario for the Etta James Tribute at Violet's Venue. Tickets >> here.